A little bit of evil. (C.A.A.D SEQUEL)

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Can an angel die sequal

Chapter UNOO !!!!

I murmered to myself, kicking around the garden with a foul mood, for the past weeks I've been bored, since everyone keeps leaving the house and telling me they're doing something important.


No-one tells me anything about anything and I always seem to get the worst situations happen. I looked up as an angel landed in the garden, in a red cape. Oh god not now. I took a weary step back, and gripped the back doors handle, and ran inside when a sword was pulled out from his waist.  

Hmmm, he looked kinda like - okay ignore the simularitys!

Not again! It's been so long without any hassle and now they appear and ruin our record best of one year!

" GUYS!"

" yes?" dan smiled, poking his head back into the hall way from the living room.

" if your suggesting we all do something together again, I'm not  coming, I'm busy!" reece grumbled appearing behind him. I growled, unhappy at them, just because we're busy doesn't mean it's unimportant!

" no wait! We've got company."

I grabbed a frying pan from the kitchen and followed the others. Who happily took lead outside and frowned. I can't help but note how... Oh my god! That's his brother!

" hey ! I didn't reconise you! Hi !" I ran over and wrapped my arms around nathaniel.

" hello Jasmin but, unfortunately I'm here to arrest you"

I jumped back, tilting my head to the side, Reece groaned, and shoved me. " what the heck did you do this time? "

" yeah, what did I do?"

" I'm afraid, according to the head of our community, you're harboring  a fugitive."

" well, you can take them, because I don't want a criminal in my house!"

" my house " dan corrected.

" his house! We just picked up Timothy, Ed and Geo, so I have no idea who you're talking about because they don't seem capable of commiting a crime, they're still halfway through training. While victoria, well she's too giggly and stuff, and just like Rebecca and charles. Hey! It might have been Harry! He's the most violent little shit in the universe-"

" Jasmin, I'm talking about demetri."

" who, oh ! Him! ... Wait, he's out of prison , he was out seventy nine years ago, yesterday!?"

" you've forgotten who he is? That's charming."

" I forgot who you were too! It's been about sixty years since you've been over! And ... One thousand and seventy two years, twenty nine days, and seven hours exactly in two minutes and forty seconds,since I last saw demetri! But who's counting?" I laughed, trying to hide the dying feeling inside me, my cat scratching to reach out for his brother despite the fact that he was nothing like him In general.

Demetri was out of prison and I was being arrested for harboring him... Yet I hadn't seen him at all. Which disturbed me. What is he doing? I'd slap him right now if I had the chance." nathan, I haven't seen him. You can search the house, i'm just not going back up there !"

" I apologise but if it's not on these terms you will be physically dragged by your hair."

" fine, cuff me." Trust me, I'm genuinely not surprised by this. If anything, as soon as Demetris able to leave, he would. Where would they suspect him to be? With me.

Well, he's not, so where is he really? " although how longs he been gone?"

" one month "

" what makes them think that I'd have any idea where he is?"

" you're his mate"

" I know. But he's not here. So where else would he be?"

" hiding somewhere, that's for sure." he walked over and swung me  

around so I was on his back, holding on tightly.

" I'll be back eventually ! I think !" I shouted back down at Dan and Reece who waved and walked inside, nice to know they care. Bloody bastards. " so, Nathan. What else can you tell me?"

" that none of this is good, and if he's not found by anyone then we're all screwed, especially you, they're killing you if you can't find him neither."

My cat scratched angrily at my chest and I dropped my head hard against his shoulder and groaned.

" I don't want this all over again. I feel so much calmer nowadays ! Now I'm going to turn into a jumpy freak again."

" your always a bouncy psychopath."

" shut up Nathan. Your not supposed to care."

" but unfortunately I do "

" your an idiot then "

" unfortunately I am" he grinned, patting my leg as we flew directly upwards.


This room was awfully familiar, hello court. Hello attractive angels, I am in heaven again, this time being inroduced and being treated... Too politely if I must note. Oh, I get it, you just want me sugared up and sweet for when you make me hand my mate over.

That wasn't going to happen, not this time, I was refusing to give up so quickly this time. I was actually going to fin a way around this, eventually... I had ideas. Ones I was too selfish to touch, but, for demetri I would. Definately.

But one thousand years has changed me, quite a lot. So I suppose it's done the same to him, I know my eyes are permanently purple now. That's the only appearance difference though, I'm short, still. It kind of gets familiar though, I'm cosy at this level.

I still daydream, like now, I just randomly jumped in the conversation about possible places he could be and what i was doing. Being bait, I'm going to be under constant sirveilance too. No privacy !

Boring boring, troops and shit, troops? You mean like the army? Oh dear, that can't e good, how am I supposed to try and stop and army to be with him? Well, I am daddies little princess now, after all out talking. It's quite fascinating to know he's quite a nice guy... Haha, yeah Satan, nice? Yup. Gives good cuddles too. Wow I feel embaressed thinking about that.

Sitting back in my seat, I tunes in again, feeling my sights blur and a dizzy wave passed over me. Man, this is so boring, where do I come in to all of this? Beside waiting for him to float down and grab me or something.

So slowly falling alsleep an partly listening, onlooking at everyone's moving hands and yawned, before drifting down towards the table...

' Whack '

I bolted upright falling backwards on my chair with a force that crack my head painfully against the tiles. I don't want to be here. I want to go home and sleep, it's so early too... An my kitty isn't settling anymore knowing her mates out somewhere for her to grab and claim again.

Idiot doesn't understand the consequences of that happening, I lie on the hard floor, and just drifted into my hazy sleep, weird, cold, floor  ... Sleep... So tired... My head hurts ... And my tummy, me  


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