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Judges will have one month to judge and the hostesses will message you once a week to make sure you are active.

We do not expect you to active all the time or everyday but you
should be able to be active for few days in a week to read your books
and answer your messages.

Each genre will have three winners and you have to follow the three
winners whom you have picked.

Judging will start on Date: 10th November, 2018
(You can start now if you want)

Judging will end on Date :
10th December, 2018

Results must be given to MichelleManisha by Date: 10th December, 2018

Note: To Judge please see the Judging Criteria and send the sheet accordingly with the reviews at the end of our judging scores. I will personally send the judges judging sheet. After your judging you just need to give some answers regarding the participants.

  -- H A P P Y    J U D G I N G --

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