Chapter 1

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daniel focused on the movie in front of us, while my eyes began to droop. i closed my eyes for a moment, but realized i was probably going to fall asleep soon.

my parents aren't home right now, as they're in new york. they're rarely in los angeles, mostly because their work makes them so busy. i didn't mind as long as i was free to do stuff. daniel often accompanied me too.

i was close to falling asleep when the sound of daniel's voice woke me slightly. "are you tired, bell? we just started the movie." he said, his sweet laughter filling the air.

right now we are having sleepover at my house. we had sleepovers every saturday at either his or my house. we've been doing this for about a year now.

"school's stressing me out. let me sleep alright?" i said, before closing my eyes, trying to sleep again.

"alright." he said, turning off the tv.

the last thing i remembered before succumbing to the dark abyss of sleep, was him cuddling and sleeping beside me.



my alarm woke me up, and as i tried to reach my phone on the bedside table beside me, i lost balance and fell off my bed. "ouch!" i groaned, rubbing my arm.

dammit! not again!

"bella?" daniel asked, rubbing his eyes. he looked around the bed for me and laughed out loud as soon as he saw me sprawled across the floor, holding my arm in pain. he laughed at the scene, and i'm sure the pissed look on my face told him to knock it off.

"stop laughing and help me up!" i shouted at him.

he lent out his hand for me to grab, still laughing. he wrapped his hand around mine and pulled me up so fast, i flew to his chest, he then put his arm around my waist to keep me up, and stopped laughing.

i looked up at him, and met his eyes, realizing how close we were.


i noticed how blue his eyes were. we stood there in silence for a few seconds, until his voice broke the silence. "a-are you alright?" he asked, in a caring voice. he slowly released me.

"uhh yeah, i'm okay, that just caught me off guard." i replied with a smile. i tried to avoid the thick awkwardness that loomed over us.

"i'm taking a bath first!" i screamed, running away from him to the bathroom. he laughed at me, continuing to browse through social media on his phone.

20 minutes later.

when i walked out of the bathroom, i still saw daniel playing with his phone on the bed.

"daniel." i called him. he looked up from his phone. "breakfast?" i asked.

he nods and smiled.

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