26- Home

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🎶I've found no cure
     for the loneliness,
    I've found no cure
    for the sickness.
Nothing here feels like home,
  Crowded streets but I'm all alone🎶


    " Iris? honey you awake?" Clement's mom, Mrs Phoebe calls out as she opens my bedroom door by a squeak for fear of waking me if I wasn't already up.

   But I have been up for the past two hours. The discomfort is killing me.

"yeah I am, good morning Mrs Phoebe" came my airy response as I tried to get up from my lying position.

keyword Tried.

She made three quick strides into the room and used two hands to drag my heavy butt off the bed.

   Meanwhile I ignore the snap in my belly for the second time this morning.

" I've told you it's Phoebe and you need to reduce stress on your belly, seven months might be far gone but it is still risky " placing a hand at my lower back to help restore my balance.

  Okay, some of you might be thinking 'why would a lady take a pregnant girl under her roof without questions?"

  Well here's a brief explanation.

  Clement and his Mom though separated, are still very close to each other, so he had a few discussions with her about me... to which I found very uncomfortable... before we ever planned on moving me here.

  According to her, she says he tells her everything. So when he had a socially withdrawn female friend, he had to tell her too.

   Honestly, I admire their relationship, unlike my parents who haven't tried contacting me for the past few months cause I needed space.

" Okay, but I want to take a shower " if I go without taking a bath, I'm going to stink.

" I'll help with that. Are you feeling any cramps?"

"yeah, a lot"

" Then a hot shower it is " and we take slug steps to the bathroom.

  I'm feeling something, yeah I'm hungry.

what to eat, what to eat?

Bread and Jam? .... no.

pasta?.... no.

burger seems nice.... nah...


"Mrs Phoebe?"

  And my call earned me a glare.

" Sorry, ph-phoebe?"

"yes dear?"

"can I have ice cream after the shower?" my shy attribute taking over.

" a cold and sugary treat for a lady to be due in less than ten weeks, hmmm"

   She halts in step for a few seconds.

" you know sugar isn't healthy for you at the moment right?" she asks with a casual tone and I nodded my reply

" neither is it good for the baby" she speaks on as I bob my head in response again already regretting why I asked.

" so why should I give it to you?"
  To me that question should be rhetorical but it isn't cause she's looking at me like she expects an answer.

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