" Heaven on Earth "

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It was the wildest and most beautiful valley Lisa had ever laid her eyes upon. Although she had not seen many to begin with but it still was something completely out of this wolrd.

Lush bush emerged from the foothills into the fertile farmland, cut through by pristine rivers that snaked down from the alps above and a lake that sparkled like polished glass while the rainbows wrote the colour in the sky. A magical feeling had occupied the proximity, making the whole scenario seem surreal.

If this is how heaven is gonna look, I'm willing to get my good points more often!

Lisa was entranced by the artwork of nature, when her eyes suddenly caught a rusty sign on the adjacent road .She leaned against the cold car window, and squinted her eyes to read the words and just before going past the sign board, she murmured the words "Gloriavale Christian Community "

The tiring journey had taken a toll on Lisa, as her eyelids started to feel heavy and before she knew it, she had fallen asleep.

After 20 minutes of downhill ride, the car came to a stop. Lisa was awaken by a voice calling her name, she slowly opened her seemingly sleep deprived eyes and was left speechless; There was a colossal mansion looming proudly over them, it was surrounded by lush green trees, catkins dangling happily on the trees, the ebony black colour of the mansion added a mysterious air around it, a classic horror movie setting if one were to say!

What is with this place?! Am I seeing things?

Lisa opened her car door and took an unsteady step on the stony pathway that lead to the well crafted wooden door of the mansion. The whole world seemed to be spinning around her as she tried to steady herself.

Mr Marco went on to get the luggage.

A few seconds passed by when the sound of creaked door opening came by and grabbed their attention. In came an old man in his 50's, wearing a classic black buttler's attire. He had all his white hair geled to the back, with not a single strand out of place, he also had a light mustache accompanied by a clean shave.

A butler in this day and age?

"Goodevening Mr Marco" He greeted and stretched his arm.

"Goodevening George " Lisa's father replied with a smile and shaked his hand. He then turned around and said with a grin " Here's my lovely daughter Lisa "

The old butler greeted Lisa and she replied back.

"Let me get them to your room, sir. I'm sure you're tired from your long journey, please have some rest in your rooms" He said with a kind smile and went on to call for some people "Helfrod, Martha! "

Two people came rushing to the door. One of them was a young man in his 20s wearing the same buttler's attire as the old butler. He had jet black curly hair followed by side burns and a clean shave. The other was a woman in her 30s wearing a maid's outfit, she had light brown hair and pale skin.

"Yes, sir!" The both of them said in unison.

"Helfrod, carry our guests' luggage to their rooms and Martha get the lunch ready for our dear guests" George ordered with a professional tone and then turned around with a smile " I'll go inform Mr Bruschweiler about your arrival, sir"

Mr Marco nodded in his direction and then everyone proceeded to enter the intimidating mansion.

I still can't believe father never told me about this surreal place before....what could've happened to make him keep this a secret?

It was truly a fairytale coming true as the interior displayed nothing but class; The shining marble floor matched the colours of the pristine river, the red velvets draped the windows elegantly which had some creaks here and there allowing light to illuminate the Hall, the vintage furniture made it seem like they had indeed entered the past.

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