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Edited on: February 6, 2019

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Celestine's POV

"Latest news. Finally, after two years of silence about his love life, His Majesty, introduced his childhood sweetheart and fiancée yesterday. It was even more surprising when it was after all the daughter of the 14th Duke of Landrose, Jasper de Merville I and the youngest sister of the Marquess of Rownber, Jasper de Merville II. The rumour about his relationship with a commoner was nothing but baseless and untrue."

I turned the television off and screamed on top of my lungs at the big white pillow. This is not what I have expected! This is a nightmare! Yesterday, I was not able to talk to Samuel because I was bombarded with questions from the reporters. Luckily, guards were able to stop them and I quickly fled away from that horrifying place.

I sat up and opened my phone hastily. What should I do now?! What if Samuel saw the news? What will my parents and brother do to me of if they also saw the news? I almost dropped my phone on the floor when it suddenly rang loudly. Unknown number. Hmm... I wonder who this is? I quickly pressed the green button and answered the call.

"Hello?" Silence. Is this some kind of prank? Tsk tsk... "Hello? Who is this?"

"Meet me at the Whitelion Palace. I will send someone at half past eight to get you, so, you better prepare now."

"What are you talking about?" He ended the call without even answering my question. What a rude man! Who does he think he is?! Sigh. But I guess it's the only way to stop the rumours from spreading, though it already has. I dialled my boyfriend's number but it went straight to a voicemail. I called him for a couple of times but he won't answer. Sigh. Maybe he's very busy... as always.

I stood up and went to my walk-in-closet to change my clothing. Hmm... what should I wear? Okay. I'll just wear a white sundress and I'll pair it with black stilettos and black canteen bag. Perfect.

I stopped staring at the ceiling when I heard a soft knock on my door. "Come in." Luisa, my personal maidservant entered and bowed her head before speaking. "Someone is looking for you, Miss. He said that His Majesty, the emperor, sent him to fetch you." I nodded and stood up.

I stopped on my tracks when Luisa called me. "Miss?" I turned to her with a sigh. "Haven't I told you already to forgo the formalities?" She nodded nervously. "Well, what is it? Is something wrong?"

"I saw the news about you and the Emperor. I know that it's not true, C-Celestine. Will you be all right?" Her face reddened when I smiled at her reassuringly. 

"I'll be all right. Thank you for your concern, Luisa."

She nodded and smiled back. I exited my room while Luisa was following behind me. I don't want to see Kyrios' face again but I have no other choice. Arrgh... just thinking about the past made my insides boil in anger and contempt. I know that it's all my fault that's why I'm trying so hard not to hurt anyone in this world but I think fate has other plans for me.

His personal driver bowed when he saw me and he opened the door of the white limousine. After thirty minutes of travelling, we arrived at the enormous palace. Dozens of reporters were already waiting outside. Palace guards were also scattered within the vicinity.

A guard approached the limousine and opened the door on my side. I inhaled and exhaled nervously. You can do this Celestine!

 You can do this Celestine!

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Whitelion Palace

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