13. Non-existent muscle.

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"Meeting adjourned! We will resume next week."

When Cyrus dismissed everyone, they all got to their feet at the same time. They bowed at the same time and left out the door at the same time. It was all so robotic to me.

I realised that these people were so cold and so distant. It reminded me of what Cyrus was like in the beginning.

Everyone else had left besides, Myself, Jaxon, Cyrus and his annoying Beta.
The Beta completely ignored me, walking over to Cyrus who was standing near the window staring off into freaking space.

"You really don't like him, do you?" Jaxon snickered over to me.

"You've got that right..he's just so..so frustrating and closed minded. Honestly, the list could go on" I groaned getting up from my seat.

I adjusted my dress and stood beside Jaxon who was leaning on the chairs. Jaxon watched my actions, his eyes darting to my figure. He raised his eyebrows, "Nice wardrobe choice."

I rolled my eyes in response.

I glanced over at Cyrus and the Beta. They engaged in what seemed like a quiet heated conversation. Their eyebrows almost connected in a frown.

"And he's your Beta so you're going to be seeing alot of him," Jaxon smirked. I stopped paying attention to Jaxon and tried to use my hearing to understand their conversation. I only heard muffled words, nothing to comprehend. But I was able to catch something.

"Why do you care so much about what she thinks?" The Beta asked.

He better not be talking about me cause I'm a second away from walking over there and busting his ass.

"I don't. And you don't get to question me Enzo..."

"Stop eavesdropping." Jaxon whispered and I glared at him, urging him to stop talking. He rolled his eyes and put his hands up in defeat.

"We need the logistics of this. An orphanage? For rogues!" The Beta, named Enzo raised his voice a little.

Cyrus' eyes flashed gold in anger. I bit my lip nervously and decided that I didn't want to hear any more of this. It hurt to know that Cyrus rejected any idea of him and I together. 

I stormed out of the room in a haste with Jaxon following behind me. I just kept walking.

At some point, I lost him. I had no idea where I was going in such a big mansion and I didn't care.

Soon after, I landed in a small courtyard behind the house. I had never been here before. The yard was filled with training equipment, and a running track circled the yard. There were outdoor showers and a cart filled with water and towels.

A couple of males and females were scattered across the field, each participating in some type of training.

I watched in amazement as I spotted Marcus in combat with another male. The two men were fierce and dripping with sweat. They charged at each other, trying to find each other's weaknesses.

I flinched when a sharp jab was made. Marcus had got the man in a headlock and said something to him that I couldn't hear. The man put up two fingers and Marcus released him, patting the man on the back, allowing him to take a break.

"Nevaeh," I heard Cyrus' voice, the practising males stopped in their tracks and bowed towards him, soon returning back to their combat.

"What?" I asked rudely as I turned to find Cyrus beside Enzo.

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