okay, her story is a lot hurtful than I expected.

" That's not all. Last year on my parents anniversary, I wanted to surprise them-m" her lips were quivering. At this point she's already broken into an internal sob.

I placed my hand on her thigh to remind her that she isn't alone.

" I wanted to do something that will change their thoughts about me. So I decided to bake a cake, No one was home and I put my plans to action." a sad ghost of a smile hovering on her lips.

" But as usual something always has to go wrong. Little gas here and flames there, the next thing I know our house was on fire. I was lucky to have escaped but my parents saw it as another bad luck for themselves. When they heard their home was on fire, they called my other siblings to make sure they were safe, but they didn't call me. They got to the scene expecting to hear I was lost in the accident but to their disappointment I was alive. In the presence of everyone at the scene they expressed how much they hated me, how much they wished I was diminished in the flames, how much they regretted having me" she was in full tears now. This is definitely a day she doesn't like remembering.

"They showed no qualms about their display in public, that's what made me realize they said the truth, I was nothing but pain to them. I cried, I cried so bad. All I wanted to do was make them happy but I ended up being rejected. That was when a lady police officer comforted me and took me under her. We moved to this town where i started school and met you" She turned to me with a smile on her tear drenched face.

   I couldn't help but smile back. She had a rough past and here I am making her feel a lot more guilty than necessary.

" Iris, I'm sorry for everything. I really don't know how to make it up to you " she continued after fetching a handkerchief to wipe her face.

"Every thing happened for a reason. I'm sorry for making you feel worse" I held her hand.

She laughed loud and sniffled a tear.

"If I were you, I'll do the same. By the way, my face looks hideous at the moment doesn't it?" checking out her eyes in the rear view mirror.

"err... how do you say yes without sounding mean?" really. She looks like she was just washed up ashore.

   But she laughed again at my words and I joined in the happiness.

  She has been through a lot but she's still strong. Her parents were simply stupid to let her go.

But the thing is, she had a redeemer. but me? who's gonna pray for me?.


    Lunch time had gone in a blur and I'm on my way to a class. Holding my books to my stomach to hide my bump, I kept my head low and walked at a speed incomprehensible to human movement.

    I hoped the pace would get me to class and back without getting into trouble, but I had to be proven wrong.

   I walked into the most muscled wall in the middle of the hallway.

"what the-Shawn?"

   And I almost wet my underwear.


  This made me realize we were alone in the hall.

   A smirk crossed his features as he folded his arms, while I gazed at the new hall tiles.

"you're really alive? last I saw you, you were whoring around. How's your business been faring lately?" I could hear the smug smile on his lips.

   But my composure was as stiff as a rod. I remained still to avoid provoking him.

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