25- Pray for me

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🎶 who gon' pray for me
      take my pain for me
      sing a song for me 🎶

    A week later and I was discharged from the hospital with a long scar stitch on my left forearm and a complete first trimester.
     The bump of my belly becoming a little observable so I did as much to get involved in wearing oversized tops.

    Well, I still had to stay at home for another week cause Megan won't let me move an inch and my parents secretly pleaded with her to keep me there so they could have a chance to talk to me.

   And I laughed in the face of chances.


   But today has been two weeks since my discharge and I'm on a ride to school with Meredith.

   Believe in me when I say this ride was as quiet as a graveyard.

And that's a little too odd for her.

"sooo.." and she had to begin

"so?" my attention now on her.

    Ever since Meredith found out about my condition at the hospital, she's been treating me like I could break the next second.

"how've you been?" trying to sound cheerful but failing woefully.

"all the same" I had diverted my eyes to the road once more, shrugging to my response.

"what of the... uh-"

"Meredith?" summoning her out of the awkwardness.


" if you want to ask about the baby, you don't need to feel shy about it"

" I know, it's just..." she halted her explanation. But I need to know.

"it's just what?"

She sighed as she finally started to pour out her mind " it's just that I feel like you're in this situation because of me , so asking you 'hey, how ya doing?' or 'how is the baby kicking?' feels so much as a heavy stone on my chest"

"what makes you think you're the cause of anything?" I asked her

"well for starters, if it wasn't for me, you couldn't have gone to that party where that douche took advantage of you"

  I didn't say a word because in a way, she's saying the truth.

   But she also came through for me.

The silence didn't go unnoticed by her, for she looked crestfallen.

  "Whenever I try to do something nice for someone I always end up regretting, cause instead of making them happy, they always seem to wish that I never did it " I took a glimpse of her again as she muttered these words more to herself than me.

  But I am pretty sure she knows I heard, so I let her speak on.

" I'm the last kid of my family, we're five children. My parents bargained on having only four kids but since I showed up as a plus one, I've always been seen as a mistake. It wasn't just the fact that my parents always looked at me like something they could have avoided but also the fact that I do prove their theories right " She gave herself a pause as her eyes became misty.

" Some years back when I was still a kid, I wanted to go see a friend at night. Mom and Dad were against me going cause the alley which she lived in wasn't at all the safest, but I ignored them, going ahead by the way and made my older brother come with me. We walked through the dark alley alone in peace, but on our way back a group of guys attacked me and my brother began fighting them. He fought so hard but it wasn't enough, they beat him. Iris they beat him till he was bloodied and unconscious. My brother had to undergo four surgeries to be normal. He sustained a spinal injury, two broken ribs, an internal hemorrhage in his skull and lost a kidney. My brother went into coma for six months."

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