6. They're Here

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"Shit, shit fucking shit" I cussed loudly placing my hand on my forehead.

Cyrus warned me with his eyes as he looked down at Amelia who was now standing there looking at me with a tilted head. I mouthed a 'sorry' in response.

I was terrified.

Not because they had found me, but because I was afraid of what they'd think of me once they found me. One sight of my mark and they'd assume that I willingly gave myself to Cyrus, defying the rules of the Mating Ceremony by Mating with someone else.

I was feeling so many emotions at one time. One part of me hated Cyrus and what he had done to me yesterday while the other liked the different side he showed me today.

Now Logan was here to take me back to him. He will see the mark —the mark that another man has given me.

I shivered in nervousness as Cyrus called orders to his men.

"Take Amelia home now," I heard him say to one of them.

This was all happening way too fast. I had only met Cyrus four days ago and now I have his mark and being hunted down by my 'Mate'.

The person I feared the most was my beloved sister. Sierra didn't deserve any of this. Cyrus had led her on and ditched her for me.

His actions were irreversible.

"Nevaeh, are you listening to me?" A voice called. I was brought out of my thoughts instantly. Cyrus was waving his hands in front of my face.

"Good, you're alive," He groaned sarcastically, "Gamma Jaxon will lead you to the safe house, go with him." He signalled to Jaxon who was now standing beside me.

I shook my head. I didn't want to be locked up again.

Logan and possibly my family were out there waiting for me. They deserved an explanation for all this chaos. The only problem was that I had no explanation to give. I didn't know why I felt this way for Cyrus. I didn't know why he marked me, I didn't know why I was reluctant to go and I didn't know how I'd face my sister.

"I will not be going anywhere, Cyrus. You can not hide me. They are here for me, so let them have me." I replied.

"No, they can't have you because you are mine Nevaeh" he replied, his eyes flashing gold for a second.

"Cyrus I am not yours, I will never be yours. You gave me the chance to leave earlier, well this is it; I want to go." I refused, standing my ground.

Silence filled the air. I guess no one had ever seen someone defy their Alpha before.

And Cyrus was outraged.

"That chance is revoked, if they think that they can come here and try and take what's mine, they have no idea what's coming for them" I rolled my eyes as he barked orders at his men for preparation for battle.

"No!" I yelled over the crowd. "I didn't want a fight, this is not the Trojan fucking war. Cyrus please, just let us talk things out with them." I pleaded

"And that's why women should never be in power." One stupid commander snickered to his friend. My eyes darkened in rage. Without thinking I lunged at the man but I was caught in Cyrus' arms. He pulled me towards him as I struggled to contain my rage.

How dare he?!

"You will not speak to her like that!" Cyrus yelled punching the man straight in his face. Blood shot out from his nose, and he clenched it screaming and I smiled in victory, even though I had wanted to be the one to cause his pain.

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