Chapter 2| I Will Never Forgive

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Annabelle's P.O.V

"Anna, come on!"

I heard my mum call for me from downstairs, making me sigh and grab my school's sky blue backpack, feeling a bit more depressed than usual this morning.

I grabbed my phone with me, running down the stairs to prevent more scolding from my mum, I snatched a granola bar on my way and stood infront of the door, I bent on my knees to put on my shoes.

I stood back up again, my hands colliding with the metal of the door knob, twisting it, I took a deep breath. The door opened and my feet stepped outside the door, my heart beating irregularly causing more panic to build up in my chest.

The moment my feet step fully outside the door, my lips are sealed. Not a single word will escape my lips, even if I'm willing to, my vocal cords have pressed off mode.

I headed towards the car, getting inside the passenger seat. My mum sighed as she started the car, "You shouldn't be late on your first day." She muttered, and I just nodded. The ride was fast, maybe a bit too fast for me; I just didn't want to go, because I know for a fact that this is a small town, and that meant I will see everybody again.


I gulped.

"Anna..." My mother noticed my nervousness as she glanced at me with the corner of her eyes, she let out a breath, parking infront of the school, she placed her hand on top of mine to calm me, and it worked, just a little.

"I know well how you feel." She sounded sincere, like she has been through what I have been, and a part of me knows that there are many holes about my mother's past that I was not filled on, and I just wanted to know, "You can do this, you're my daughter." She gave me a smile, and I returned it slightly.

I got out of the car, "Oh, by the way." She called, and I stopped before shutting the door, "Remember that today's the funeral." She reminded, a sad glint rushing through her puffed eyes that was the aftermath of all the crying, I nodded, groaning in my mind.

This day seems to be just perfect from the beginning.

I watched as she drove away, the car getting smaller and smaller until it disappeared. I let out a huge sigh, turning my vision towards the school, my stiff feet moved painfully towards the gates, my body making it's way through the parking lot full of students, the bag feeling heavier on my back, and the oxygen feeling even thicker, I tried my best to ignore the kids that passed by me.

Suddenly everyone seemed to stop as a large thud echoed through the air, my terrified eyes moved towards the sound on their own, a crowd of students starting to form in a circle around a scene I could not see.

"Damn... Another fight?" I heard a guy mutter after he got out of his car, his friend nodded, running a hand in his ginger locks, "Yeah, what do you expect? He came to school today as it seems." He shook his head and his friend sighed as they moved inside the school building, I heard the bell ring and everyone seemed to let out an annoyed sigh.

Seems like they wanted to watch the fight longer, well not me.

I made my way towards the school building, but not before my eyes moved towards the scene in curiosity, a tall and built figure stood over a body that laid on the rough cement with blood covering his bruised body, I winced, my eyes catching a glimps of caramel locks that shined in the ray of the morning sun.

It seemed oddly familiar.

I just fastened my pace inside the school, I don't want to get involved with problematic kids on my first day, and to make my school year even better it started with me witnessing a fight.

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