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You woke up with a scowl in your face, you tried to move closer to him. But pain shot through your body, causing you to hiss in pain.

How can you be not in pain, if you had several rounds, and he were so rough with you yesterday after two rounds. You both didn't know how you got so aroused even you took just a pill.

Soon you felt movements, and an arm thrown across your waist. You stared at his face, appreciating his features.

His long eyelashes fell on his skin, cute snores coming out from his cherry-like lips. You noticed traces of bitings on his lips, and you blushed. How can you do this when you're so innocent. You eyes travelled down to his collarbones. You noticed purplish spots almost covering his collarbones. The same purplish spots can be seen around his shoulders.

You got curious, and looked at your own chest. Your eyes widened as you saw the same colors. "Do we have the same allergy?" But then you thought hardly, "Oh.. it's a hickey.." You trailed off.

You then heared someone laugh quietly, you looked up to meet the beautiful brown orbs with yours. "How are you so innocent, it's making me insane." You looked at him in confusion "Why though?" He looked at you like you were some dumb idiot, "We just had sex!" Pink hues creeped up on your face at his straightforwardness. You pushed your face in his bare chest to hide your face in embarrassment. You heared him chuckled again before pushing you closer to him.

"Can you walk?" You looked at him in disbelief, "Are you dumb?" It's so obvious, like what the hell, he got so rough on you yesterday. "Let's take a shower, I'll carry you." You shook your head and pouted, "Nooo!!" You whined loudly. You threw an arm across his torso before clinging onto him like a koala.

He pulled your face away from his chest before laughing loudly as he laid his eyes on your face. "What?!" You dryly yelled, your throat hurts from screaming yesterday. "You look like a duck." You were about to argue with him, but he said something.
that made your face grow into a tomato. "My ducky."

You were about to punch him, but he suddenly lifted you up with a huge grin. You yelped in surprised as you tried to grab the blanket to cover your body, but you failed miserably.

You don't even know how fast he lifted you up at that time, but you then remembered, he's a muscle pig afterall.

He made you sit on the tub as he turn on the faucet. He then joined you on the tub, the both of you facing each other.

Suddenly you got shy, and pushed your knees towards you and hide you in it.

Jungkook: Don't act like I haven't seen that before

He said with a chuckle, making you more embarrassed than you are right now. You're sure that your face is like a tomato right now, but a smile is still in your face.


I'm still alive, yes. Exams just got finished, and we got a week off. But we have some practices to do, but still I'll try to update. Sorry for not informing yall!



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