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I‘m trying to buy junk food for tonight but the kid beside me keeps putting them back on the shelves. 

"What are you doing?!" I yell, enlarging my eyes at him.

"Those wrappers are made out of plastic, and will end up in the sea or under the ground," he muttered. "Our world has a crisis because of that monster and I won't let that happen here."

Sure. Here we go again about 'his world'. This kid keeps saying he comes from another planet and that it’s soon going to end because of a 'monster'. He’s insane. 

My dad adopted him for he doesn’t have anywhere to stay, and because he keeps on walking around his job. And now, I'm the babysitter of this... well, 'alien'... Huh. Whatever.

"Okay. Okay," I answer, letting him know I’ve given up. He’s distracted telling me stories and I can get the groceries I want. 

"Our world is far from this planet. Our technology is hundred times more advanced than yours..." he continues. I keep nodding while shopping what I need. 

"But only 8% of the world is heaven for technology. The other 92% are just dirty slums where you can see mountains of plastics. Since I came here, I’ve seen how people dispose their trash and how this ends up in the habitat of animals, suffocating them, killing them... and soon, destroying your own home,” he paused. “And killing you.” He suddenly sounded lonely . 

I looked at him. "But your technology is advanced, right? Why don’t you compress the plastics or throw it on an unoccupied planet?" I realize what I’ve asked and shake my head. “Oh, come on. I’m too old to believe your story.”

He looked up, right at my eyes. "The project to save us failed. We didn’t dispose plastic correctly because we didn’t know better, and will invade our planet until...”

His necklace catches my attention.

"What's that?" pointing his necklace. 

He showed it to me. I noticed the number four written on the round pendant. It suddenly turned into number 3.

He smiled. "I’m not from the another planet." I’m not surprised. “I was born here on Earth, but many years from now. And your future is dying.     .    .    .   we are dying."


It's a count down, but I don’t know what for.

"The present is destroying the future. Compress the plastics? Throwing them in space? What about minimizing them today?" 


I don’t know what’s happening. His smile. The mood. His stories. Everything about this kid.

He laughed sarcastically. “The human race will have the most ironic extinction. Other species were killed by asteroids, natural disasters, some others by humans. And humans? Humans will end their own race." 

His emotions seemed to fade. He looked at me and suddenly turned into nothing. He's gone!

His necklace fell on the ground.

I picked up the necklace and saw that there was something new written on there. Zero.

"0?" No way! "0%"

As the video ended, clap from the crowd is all what I can hear. Mr. Mollis who is sitting beside me even congratulate me. I just answered him with a smile so with the others who also congratulate me.

"So for the man behind that wonderful and inspiring short film, shall we call him up here, Mr. Keet Castellon."

I stood up and went upstage.

"I'll just make this short. So the short film is inspired by someone I know and I hope...I just hope me and my team's work inspired you to save our planet. So if you notice, the movie don't have a definite ending. It is because even us don't know the ending. That's just the start. And what us, humans, will do next is the continuation of that short film. Your actions will dictate the ending of that short film and our planet. Would you like a tragic ending of that short film? I hope not." everyone is in silence. I just smiled. "So again, thank you for the appreciation of my team's work." I ended my speech and everyone do an standing ovation while clapping. I felt a heat from my pant's pocket. I look where it comes from.

I smiled looking at the pendant. I saw that old zero turns into number one.

"This is just the start, kid."

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