The Bodyguard

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Salvatore was surprised when Avanindra asked him to see at the airport itself. The man stood there with greying hairs and a small smile on his face.

"Sir," Salvatore looked at him.

"My kid, you look tired, come on, let's get some coffee and food in you," said Avanindra as he led Salvatore to the car.

Once they got to a hotel, Salvatore freshened up and they sat around for breakfast.

"So, What's happening with Aryan? Last I heard he was locking horns with Dapona group in the west. You know he showed up in my hitlist too," said Salvatore.

"Yes, about that, Salvatore I need you to protect him. My days are counted kid," said Avanindra.

"What are you saying?"

"Cancer, final stage. There is nothing to be done. I didn't tell Aryan. He won't take it well and hell he is going through shit now because of the deal he is working on. They are out there like eagles. There is atleast one attempt on him every six hours. I am tired and the danger is now doubled. I need you here," said Avanindra.

"We need to get you the best doctor and I am going nowhere till you are back on your feet and Aryan is safe," said Salvatore.

"There is no hope left for me. But, you can help me with Aryan," said Avanindra in a tone that brooked no arguments. 


"Salvatore," he was stern.

"Okay, but you would atleast let me bring a few doctors to you?" asked Salvatore.

"Okay, if that calms you a bit," said Avanindra.

Salvatore sighed.

Avanindra looked at Salvatore.

"Aryan is not going to listen to me or trust you if he learns who you are. So I want you to be a bit subtle about it. Will you be his bodyguard for the next few months?" asked Avanindra.

"Yes, if that's how you think I should go about it Sir," said Salvatore.


Aryan rolled in his bed, alone. At 28 he still did not have a stable partner. Last time he woke up with someone in bed was a year before. Though he was rich and could anything he wished for, Aryan was not the type to sleep around. He, however, does get what he wants. He does yearn for stability but is not sure if he is ready for it.

Aryan rolled his eyes because of the unwanted thoughts in his mind that morning. He had a lot of important projects in the pipeline and they won't wait for anyone. He got up and in an hour was dressed and went down to be greeted by his dad who was having breakfast. 

"Hey, Baba," he said as he kissed on his dad's forehead and sat down next to him.

"Aryan, We have a house guest and a new member of your staff here. He is upstairs in the second corridor," said Avanindra.

Aryan cursed in his mind.

"Why is he staying with us?"

"Because he is not your regular bodyguard and is doing it only as a favour to us," said Avanindra.

"Whatever," snapped Aryan but had food.

Once he was washing, he heard the sound of footsteps. Someone was climbing down the stairs and weirdly enough, he felt his heart beat a bit faster as he heard the firmness of those steps.

"Ah Salvatore, you are ready. Aryan is about to leave too," said Avanindra and Aryan turned.

Aryan felt his breath leave him at the sheer power the man exuded. Salvatore was hot and there was no other word for it. The fact that he thought the man was attractive angered him more.

"I need to see the current security plants," said the Italian and Aryan groaned inside.

He will have to try a bit harder to get this guy to leave. He seems stubborn and his audacity seems outrageous.

"I think its up to me to decide on what you should and should not know," said Aaryan snidely.

"Thats exactly where you are wrong, Boss. I will tell you and you will follow. That and that alone will keep you alive in the following months," said Salvatore and gave him a look as he turned and walked towards Aryan's other guards. Soon, Salavatore has the whole schedule in tatters. He rearranged everything and to Aryan's absolute fury, cancelled the evening party with his friends at his favorite club.

"You can't do that. I am the one who will be paying you. It means you do what I ask you to do," said Aryan.

"No, I am doing something on your father's orders and you will follow it verbatim because I promised your dad to keep you safe, Boss," said Salvatore and just looked at Aryan once more before opening the car door for him.

Aryan got in still shivering with fury. 


Salvatore almost snorted. Aryan was like every other entitled rich brat, except he seems to know the value of things in his life. The fact that Aryan cared for his dad was a bonus point for him too. The guy was stubborn and Salvatore can see them lock horns in the future. Aryan was also an ungrateful brat as even after he was saved from three different attempts, a thank you was yet to come his way. Oh, he sure as hell did not care, but Carolin had been muttering under her breath about entitled rich men much to Salvatore's amusement when he told her and her fiance of Aryan after them pestering him for an hour straight.

Salvatore looked at the mail with certain details of a drug cartel. He made a call to his henchmen. His third in command Valenio, a man in his 60's but as lethal as any was in charge. Salvatore controlled it all from here.

"I want it to vanish from the face of the earth tomorrow. Preferably with the owner of the factory in it along with the significant heads of the cartel," said Salvatore.

He heard a 'Yes Capo' from the other side and sighed. 

Now he has a bigger issue to worry about. A certain entiled prince called Aryan Vallar

In pic: Aryan Vallar.

Did you like my Aryan and the casting.

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