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  "Lorraine Matthews, a professional ballerina, was found dead yesterday at her condominium. The motive and identity of the gunman in the latest killing are still being investigated."  

Lord Jasper watched the news in the television. The left side of his lip tugged upwards creating a sinister smirk on his wrinkled face but it quickly disappeared as he turned to his wife who was watching the news in disbelief.

"What's wrong, Hon? Do you know her?" He asked with his eyes filled with concern.

"I just can't believe it. She's dead. Don't you remember her?" Amelia stared at her husband while her body trembled uncontrollably. Lord Jasper shook his head and said no. "Lorraine substituted our daughter as Odette more than a year ago when she unfortunately got into a car accident."

"Really? How unfortunate! Poor lass." He turned the television off and held his wife's hand comfortingly. "You're trembling. It's all right, Hon. Come on. Let me make some hot chocolate for you."

He helped his wife stand up and guided her towards the kitchen. That's for messing with my daughter's life, Lorraine.


Meanwhile, outside Camp Alpha [a military base], a car stopped in front of it. The driver, who turns out to be Celestine de Merville, did not get out of her car whilst contemplating for a couple of minutes.

Should I go in or not? Maybe I should just drive back home. Arrgh... Come on Celestine! You've spent one and a half hours driving without a break just to come here and now you're changing your mind?!

Note: You might be wondering, how in the world could she drive when she just came from a different world [Lionheart Empire]. Well, even though Lionheart Empire has this Medieval touch, it actually has modern technologies. Unfortunately, it's limited. They have cars but no cellphones. Their way of sending letters or messages is through their messenger birds called magicis avim.

 When she received Samuel's letter yesterday she decided to just visit him here because three days is too long for her.

Taking a deep breath she turned the engine once again and drive her car towards the large gate. Two armed military men stopped her and one of them signalled her to open the window on her side.

"Good afternoon ma'am. Do you have an ID pass? We cannot let you in unless you are authorised by any of the officers." She smiled sweetly before answering. "I'm Celestine de Merville, Samuel Northwood's girlfriend. Is he here? I have something very important to give to him."

Upon hearing her name, they immediately apologised and let her pass easily. Everyone's eyes turned to her car with confusion in their faces. She parked it in the open parking area and when she got out of her car few military men, there are actually three of them, approached her.

"Ma'am please follow us. Sir is waiting for you at the office." What? Samuel is already waiting for me in his office? But he does not even know I'm here. Oh. Maybe the men guarding the gate already told Samuel about me. Now, my plan to surprise him was ruined ( ̄. ̄)

They escorted her towards a maze of rooms and hallways. Where are they taking me?! This feels like I'm really inside a maze. They've been turning left and right for more than fifteen minutes already.

One billion years later they've finally arrived in front of a gigantic metal door. One of the men used his ID to open the door and when it did they were welcomed with another metal door. Seriously?! The same guy swiped his ID and the door opened.

Celestine's eyes squinted at the blinding light. When her eyes has finally adjusted, her jaw dropped [literally] on the ground. The room was luxurious and extravagant. A neatly polished large table was at the right side with a lot of papers stack on it. There's also a king-sized bed on the left side and a mini living room at the center. Everything was either pure white or black. The three muscular men left her still standing at the doorway.

A secret door behind the large table suddenly opened, she quickly adjusted her dress and smiled widely before turning her head on the door but it faltered when she saw Kyrios. She gasp while looking at him with fear and disbelief.

"Who are you? Why are you here? Where's my secretary and guards?!" Kyrios asked with his commanding voice.

Celestine's knees were shaking and her heart was beating so fast. Why are you so cruel to me fate?!

"I'm sorry, Your Majesty. I guess the three of them thought that I was the one you summoned. I was actually here to visit my boyfriend. I'm very sorry, I will leave immediately." She turned her heels toward the door but a large, warm hand stopped her  by grasping her arm tightly. Kyrios turned her around and pushed her towards the metal door. She's now trapped between Kyrios and the door.

Please someone help me! I can't die again. Not now, please!

Kyrios' pair of red eyes stared at her violet ones. Celestine, however, did not look down instead she also looked at him in the eyes. Two could play this game you know. She's still scared but she masked it with an emotionless face.

"Please let me go Your Majesty or else I will call for help and sue you for harassment." Kyrios' eyes twitched but then he smirked.

"This place is soundproofed and I'm the only one who can open the door. If I kill you now, no one would even found out unless I tell them so. Besides, I'm the Emperor."

With trembling knees, Celestine tried kicking him on his private area but he quickly dodges it and pushed his body on her so she won't be able to move a single muscle.

"You're a spy." He said with anger and disgust apparent on his voice.

"No, I'm not. Like I've told you before, I'm here to visit my boyfriend, Samuel Northwood."

Realisation paralysed him for a short moment and seconds later, he finally let her go. Celestine sighed in relief. "Please open the door so I can leave immediately, Your Majesty. I'm sorry once again."

He pressed something on his wristwatch and the first and the second door suddenly opened but what happened next was totally unexpected for the both of them.

Few reporters were outside waiting and when they saw the pair, they quickly turned their cameras on and focused it on Kyrios and Celestine.

They did not surround the shocked pair instead they took turns on asking them. Dozens of guards were also scattered within the vicinity.

"Thank you so much, Your Majesty, for allowing us this opportunity to interview you and your girlfriend." Wait- WHAT?! Girlfriend?!

Celestine shook her head and said no. She even tried running away from them but Kyrios stopped her. Take your filthy hands away from me!

"I'm sorry but she's not-" Kyrios was not able to finish his sentence when a loud thud suddenly echoed all throughout the hallway. Their head turned towards the sound but they only saw a woman in a black dress running away while sobbing. Oh my God! Please don't tell me that's Alexa?!

Kyrios cursed but only Celestine heard him. He quickly followed Alexa and left Celestine with the reporters. Uh oh. I'm dead!


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