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Chapter 1

"Do you understand how hard it was to find a camp that would let me room with you guys?" I said looking at the twins.

"Nope," Harland said.

"Well it was really hard, so tell me again why I was trying to get a room with you guys instead of you guys bunking with the other kids."

"Because who will scare the monsters away," Sky said.

"Or tuck us in," Harland continues.

"Or let us sleep in their bed when we have nightmares," Sky persists.

"Or read us bedtime stories," Harland carries on.

"Or...." Sky says as she sticks with the never-ending list of reasons for me until I interrupted her.

"Ok...Ok I get it now; there are many reasons why you want me to be in the same room.

I then got up and started tickling them from across the table. They begin squealing and telling me to stop.

"Alright I'm done." I said while raising my hands up in the air. "Now go get ready for bed." I said shooing them towards there room.

While they ran upstairs to get ready for bed, I started to clean the dinner table off. Once I was finished doing that I began washing dishes, when I heard screams coming from upstairs. I dropped what I was doing to run upstairs. Bursting into the bathroom where the screams were coming from only to find both Sky and Harland in the tub splashing each other and squealing.

They looked up at me to see my scared face, 'What?' they said together.

"Are you guys ok?" I asked huffing and puffing even though the bathroom wasn't that far away.

"Yea, we're," Sky starts.

"Playing sharks." Harland finished with a giggle.

"Thank goodness I thought you guys were hurt or something," I said with a relieved voice. "But you're fine so I'm going to go finish the dishes."

I set off towards the kitchen but then turn back around, "Oh, first can you guys promise me that you won’t squeal or scream unless you are hurt?"

"Ok," they both said in unison.

"Do you promise?" I said grimly and holding both my pinkies out towards them.

"We," Harland starts and grabbed my left pinky.

"Promise," Sky finishes and grabbed my right pinky.

"Good I love you guys." I said then bent over towards them. "Kisses"

Harland kissed my left cheek and Sky kissed my right cheek at the same time.

Then said, "I love you too." In unison when I started leaving.

When I jumped off the last step I heard, "Are they scaring the living daylights out of you again?"

I nearly jumped a foot of the floor. I whirled around to see whom the voice came from, to see granny in the corner.

"Yes and so are you," I said with my hand over my heart.

"I'm sorry Deary, I didn't mean to frighten you." Granny said in her British accent, which I absolutely loved. She started walking towards the living room.

I followed her to make sure she didn't fall or anything. She walked around the coffee table and sat down on the couch. She patted the space next to her saying, "Come sit down I need to talk to you."

Walking over to the couch, I wondered why she needed to talk to me.

"Granny, what is it?"

"I need you to sign some things," She said while handing me some papers.

"What kind of things do you need me to sign," I said while looking through the papers.

"Well......." She started.

"Why do you have your WILL in here?"

"Well, if you don't interrupt the person who’s trying to explain things, you might find out what's going on." She puffed out.

"Sorry I won’t interrupt again." I said with a nod to tell her to go on.

"Well first you need to know something that I have been keeping from you for a long time. (Pause) I have a very bad lung disease. My breathing gets worse and worse every year and soon it will just get to unbearable for me. The doctors told me that when it gets that bad I will need help breathing, which means I will be hooked up to a machine that helps me breath easier. It will only help a little bit, so I still will be in pain." She paused again to take some deep breaths.

I watch her breath and it did seem like it was harder for her. Why haven't I ever realized this before? I swear I never noticed it before until now after she told me about it. On the other hand, maybe I have noticed but don't want to except that she is in this much pain.

"There is more though and you might get a little upset sweetheart," she said cutting off my mind babbling.

Wait, what is she mean? What might upset me? Therefore, I just nodded for her to continue unsure of what I might say if I started talking.

"So when my doctors told them that I would have to be hooked up to a machine if my breathing gets worked, they also said I had to sign a consent form saying that I was ok with this and if I went into a coma or something that they would keep my heart running. (Pause, Breath). I told them I wouldn't sign it because if I need help breathing or if I go into a coma or something I don't want money wasted on me when there is others out there who need it." She stopped talking looking at me closely.

I didn't know what she was saying, so I thought about what she was saying. Finally, it dawned on me what she was saying. Oh My Cereal what is she thinking? How could she say that? I felt my eyes getting big and my mouth opening to say something. Then I closed it again so I wouldn't say anything that I would regret. Wait, but she was practically saying she was ok with DYING!!!!!!!!!!!

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