Tear-stained face

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Three years later. VIvian is 24 years old. Fifi is 5.

The clouds parted and sunbeams streamed down onto Vivian's cheek, warming it as she put on her sunglasses. She lifted her face and looked at Adrian, who she'd been meeting for a few months.

He had kind eyes, a bulbous nose, thinning hair and a pot belly; not terribly physically attractive, but Vivian was most drawn to his gentle demeanor--the opposite of what she was used to in a man. The 38-year-old worked in middle management at an industrial equipment company; quite a dull, nondescript job, yet Adrian still had a spark to him.

Or maybe he was just desperate. Adrian didn't date that much because of his slight social awkwardness, which may have also explained why his wife had left him three years back and he'd remained single ever since.

But it wouldn't have been fair to judge Vivian for her interest in him. It's not like fit and stylish men were paying that much attention to her anymore. Why would they, when they could go for fresh child-free 18 and 19-year-olds?

Ever since Vivian had stopped breastfeeding, her boobs had taken on the appearance of old, limp balloons that had lost their air. She would often hold them up in the mirror, and lament the days when they were perky and buoyant. It wasn't fair--most girls her age had firm, plump breasts. But most girls her age hadn't given birth at 18. Even her skin had lost much of its lustre and clarity since a few years back. Not only was it spotty in patches, but she was even starting to see fine lines. Her ass had developed dimples and lines too; the early signs of cellulite creeping in. Vivian would sigh when groups of young college girls would walk past her. At only 24, she already felt that she'd left her prime behind her.

Besides the fact that Vivian didn't think she could (or couldn't be bothered to) find anyone better, Adrian had a stable job, a decent income and lived in a much larger, more modern apartment than the one she'd been living with Todd in for the past three years.

Vivian and Adrian had met in a park near Todd's house a few months back. Adrian had been on his lunch break, and Vivian had been on a run with Fifi. She worked late afternoon and evening shifts at her restaurant, so she had daytime hours off, which she used to spend time with Fifi and keep herself in shape. He'd bumped into her while eating a hot dog, and the two had started talking. They'd purposely/accidentally 'ran into' one another almost every day since. She would tell him her relationship problems, he would spill to her about his latest work drama. They had only recently had started seeing each other outside of the park too. Adrian had asked Vivian to join him for dinner at his favorite restaurant, and then to the movies. She'd gone, telling Todd she was working late. Not like he cared, anyways. One day, Adrian hadn't shown up at their usual meeting place, so she'd messaged him. He had been sick in bed. Vivian had asked him for his address and had brought him a steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup, with Fifi dangling on her arm. Their relationship was progressing slowly but surely.

Today, Vivian had decided to kiss him.

She was used to having to fend off advances from the gross guys she served at her waitressing job--she was now working at a gentlemen's club, but just as a waitress. Vivian wouldn't reduce herself to stripping. She wasn't that desperate...yet. But she wasn't used to being the one to put the moves on. Slowly, she leaned in and puckered her lips.

Adrian's eyes widened and he pulled his head back in shock. "What are you doing? You're married!"

Vivian hadn't expected him to put up a fight. Nor was she entirely sure why she'd lied and told Adrian she was married to Todd. They were far from married; indeed, Vivian had been trying to work up the courage to leave him for a while now. She'd told Adrian that she was in an unhappy marriage when he'd told her about his ex-wife, to make him feel more comfortable talking to her. At that point, they had been just friends. She hadn't known at the time that she may want something else.

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