(2) Ghosts!?

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                          Cory's POV
      I walked home quickly, unlocking my front door and walking in. I looked down at the floor, groaning as I reminded myself of the the dry blood decorating the hardwood. I sighed, knowing I would have to clean it up before it stained anything. I went into the kitchen, grabbing a rag and some water, and attempting to clean up the unusual mess. After what felt like forever, I finally cleaned up the last drops of the, now dry, crimson mess. I sighed, smiling lightly in triumph as I threw the dirty rag into the laundry room. I then went to my room, shutting the door behind me.

        I walked over to my bed, flopping tiredly onto it. I heaved a heavy sigh, exhausted and annoyed. I was quite tired of the idiots that I had to spend nearly everyday with, it was driving me insane. Well, more insane. I grumbled, slowly looking beside me, seeing two muddy necklaces placed on my nightstand. I stared at the for a moment, before slowly sitting up. I reached over grabbing the pug necklace. I rubbed my thumb across it a few times, rubbing away any excess filth. It was small and metal, and obviously made with an impressive amount of care. It seemed aged, and handmade.

       I sat it beside me, before reaching over and grabbing the other one, studying it aswell. It was the same as the other, and as I placed them both in my hand, I couldn't help but think, Who would bury these? Why? How old are they? I stared down at them, and I couldn't help but wonder if they were worth anything. What if I sold them? I need the money... I thought, but I felt a chill run up my spine, as if I was being warned that it was a bad idea. I shrugged the feeling off, and I don't know why I did what I did next, but it was a though I was feeling a deep urge within. For a moment later, I unclipped both necklaces, clipping them around my neck. And what happened next, I couldn't even explain.

         A cool breeze whizzed through my room, ruffling my hair, despite the fact that no doors or windows were opened. The breeze began to pick up speed, soon becoming a strong wind that torn through my room like a mini tornado. I squinted my lense, then, I felt the necklaces begin to tremble. They bugged out, before suddenly pressing against my skin, and something shot out of each of the necklaces.

      I sat, staring in confusion as the wind began to die down. Two figures were on my floor, facing away from me, sitting motionlessly on their knees. One of them with brown hair slowly lifted his head, bringing his hands up to look at them. He flipped his hands back and forth, and I heard a laugh escape his mouth. He sounded excited as he looked beside him, looking at the other figure, "Uni! I think we're back! We're finally back!" He exclaimed, his voice sounding obnoxious and loud. The other looked up, his faded blue hair sitting messily atop his head. "N-No way!" He exclaimed, his voice laced with a thick british accent.

     I stared at them, confused and a little nervous. So, I slowly reached over, pulling the knife that I always kept under my pillow out. The boy with brown hair noticed my movement, and looked back at me. I jumped slightly as I immediantly noticed the aged, yellow smiley mask he wore sideways, allowing it to only cover his right eye. He let out a cry of alarm, causing his friend, Uni, to jump and look back aswell. The boy with brown hair immediately jumped to his feet, but instead of them landing on the hardwood floor, he hovered a few inches from the ground. His friend did the same, and they both looked as suprised as me.

       Then, for the first time, I noticed that the figures were not opaque, as humans were, but they were translucent, and I could see the blueish-grey wall through their  bodies. I also noticed that their clothes were bland and very tattered. Their faded brown outfits were full of holes, cuts, and rips, and they looked as though they were rotting. There were a few moments of silence as I stared at the two ghostly figures, and they stared wordlessly back.

        I trembled lightly, "W-Who are you...?" I questioned. "You're worst nightmare!" The one with brown hair exclaimed. I slowly stood up, "We're here to steal your soul, and lock you away for your sins!" He continued, while his friend gave him an unamused look. Oh God, they know! I thought fearfully, paranoia getting the best of me. He began to drift slowly towards me, his arms outstretched, and I felt my breath get caught in my throat. I dropped the knife, turning and running out of the room, "Stay away from me!" I yelled, booking it.

     "Wait!" I heard one of them yell after me, but I wasn't planning on stopping anytime soon. So I charged through my house at full speed, then I looked behind me, and saw them chasing after me. I felt my heart beat quickly, and I heard one call something out, but I couldn't quite make it out. I looked back forward, only to gasp as I saw a closed door only a few inches infront of me. I slammed into the door, my head making harsh contact with it first. Then, my head exploded with pain, and everything went black.

A/N Yay! Another chapter! And apparently Cory isn't that smart when he's scared, hm? Anyways, as always, I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING DAY, AND GOODBYE PEEPS!!!

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