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Reese’s POV

“I’m home”, I shout as I walk through the door.

“In the kitchen”, Dad yelled back.

Giving dad a quick hug before grabbing a bar from the cupboard.

“How was your day”, Dad asked. “How did the assembly go?”

“Umm…about that. The people from that new TV show ‘Hunger Games’ came and picked two from our school…” I replied.

“And?” he asked.

For the next 10 minutes I sat there explaining everything to dad. By the end of it I was pulled into a hug.

“Is there any way out of it?” he questioned.

“No idea”, I whispered as my phone went off.

Taking out my phone I had one message. It read:


‘Meet at the train station in five minutes!

Effie xx’

‘I’m going to murder that….thing one day’, I thought.

“I have to go Daddy”, I stated.

“I know”, he replied with a coarse voice.

“But first I have something for you…for luck”, he added.

He grabbed my hand, placing something inside before curling my fingers around it.

“Don’t’ lose it”, he warned.

“Love you baby girl”, he said with glassy eyes as he kissed me forehead.

As I sat down on the bench I decided to check the time. Pulling out my phone I saw that I was two minutes early. Thinking of a good way to pass time I chose to play Flappy Bird on my phone.

“Reese”, Ivanna stated right next to my ear making me jump.

“How did your goodbye go?” I asked as I put my phone away.

“Tough. Mum was crying”, she replied.

“Yeah, so was Daddy”, I said.

Some form of screeching interrupted the nice type of silence between us.

‘Oh. Not screeching, that’s Effie’, I thought to myself with a smirk playing on my lips.

“Tributes. Time to go aboard”, Effie screeched…I mean stated while a white bullet train pulled up in front of us.

Watching the landscape around me turn into a blur I decided to see what Daddy gave me earlier. Pulling the cold metal out of my pocket I saw a small ring and on the inside was a small bird. Turning it over it read:

‘May the odds be ever in your favour’

As we walked off of the train Effie started blabbering yet again.

“You girls will undertake a simulation test to see what your main skill is along with your greatest fear. Ivanna you will go first”, Effie, stated while eyeing me.

 “Good luck”, I whispered to her walking figure…




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