Mia's POV

I'm getting ready to go to the mall now and I don't know what to wear. I know it's a casual date, but What should I wear? I decided on a pair of white short shorts (not too short of course), a blue tanktop, I really like this tank top. It's loose, flowy, and baby blue. I put on a white pair of flip flops and then I plugged in my hair curler. I curled my hair and applied a little bit of foundation, eye liner, and mascara.

If you're wondering, my dad and mom did move to New York. I haven't talked to my mom since the day she kicked me out over two months ago. I haven't talked to my dad since our little,,, confrontation about two months ago. I may not have too good of a relationship with biological family, but I have Mikey, Ash, and Calum who are just like brothers. Then there's Luke, the love of my life.

I finished getting ready and made my way downstaires to be greeted by my lovely boyfriend.

"You ready to go babe?" Luke asked.

"You bet." I said and intertwined our hands. Time to go to the mall. Oh yeah, I need a dress. I better warn Luke that not only are we going dress shopping, but also bra shopping.

"Babe?" I said to Luke. He was driving, so he only looked at me slightly when he answered.

"Yeah?" He said.

"You're okay with going dress shopping right?" I asked.

"Of course, as long as I get to see the dresses you try on." Luke said smirking.

"Well, I guess you could see the dresses I try on, as long as you're okay with me going to Victoria's Secret afterwards." I said. Now I'm smirking.

"Aw man, come on. Whenever you go there, you take forever. I hate waiting." Luke whined

"Come on, please?" I  begged. I need a strapless bra, I don't have one.

"Fine, I'll wait outside the store. I hate going in there." Luke said. I just laughed and kissed his cheek.

"I won't take forever, I promise." I said and Luke smiled. I love him.

"I love you." We both said at the same time.

"I love you too." We both said at the same time, again. We just laughed, it's creepy how all of the boys and I always say things at the same time.

We finally arrived at the mall and went to some dress store first.

"Here babe, try this one on." Luke said holding up a dress so short, it looked like a shirt.

"Is that supposed to be a dress?" I asked and he just laughed at my disgusted tone.

I grabbed a few dresses and made my way to the fitting rooms. All the dresses I had were strapless, just different colors. One was black, one was white with blue polka dots, and the last one was light purple. I only needed to try on one since they were all basically the same.

"That looks... wow." Luke said when I walked out of the fitting room.

"That's a first. You're never at a loss for words." I said. I must look pretty dang hot if Luke is speechless.

"You look great babe. Now go get dressed so I can pay for your stuff." Luke said.

"Okay, I'll go get dressed. And you're not paying." I said back. I waked back into the fitting room to get back into my clothes. I put my dresses and a pair of black heels that I liked on the counter. Luke took out his wallet and I smacked it out of his hand.

"You're not paying." I said. He shouldn't be paying for my stuff.

"Yeah I am." Luke said picking his wallet up off the floor.

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