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JASON DIDN'T KNOW how he felt about Kyra going on the quest with him, Leo, and Piper

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JASON DIDN'T KNOW how he felt about Kyra going on the quest with him, Leo, and Piper. He had just met her, but it already felt like they were long-time friends. He didn't want her to get hurt. Just watching her in the infirmary made him feel guilty.

The teenage boy sighed as he sat down on the bleachers by the basketball court, fiddling with the strap of Kyra's camera. He knew he should have given it back earlier, but he didn't get to finish looking through all the photos before he fell asleep in the infirmary.

Valentina passed by the basketball court, hoping to get a good look at a few of the Athena boys playing against the Ares boys. She paused when she noticed blonde, messy hair on the bleachers and smirked when she recognized it as Jason, the new hottie living in the Zeus cabin.

Valentina walked closer and noticed he was staring at the screen of Kyra's camera. The brunette snuck up on the boy and smiled, "It isn't very nice to steal things, pretty boy."

Jason jumped from his seat, almost dropping the camera, as he turned towards the voice, "Oh, hi, um-"

"Valentina." She smiled, "Daughter of Aphrodite."


"Half-sister, yeah." Valentina sat down on the bleachers, "You know, it's alright to date people from other cabins."

Jason looked over at the brunette, "Uh, sorry, but I'm not interested."

She reached up and played with his hair, "Are you sure? Cause being the daughter of Aphrodite and all, I can make you fall in love with me."

Jason scoffed, "I'm sorry, but manipulating me isn't going to make me fall in love with you."

"You won't think that after I'm through with you." Valentina grinned,

He was obviously uncomfortable and wanted to get out of this situation. Sure, this girl was pretty, but he didn't even know her. Let alone she's trying too hard, "I'm leaving tomorrow morning. I could die on this quest, so there's no point in pursuing me."

Valentina pouted, "Well then I should spend as much time as I can with you before you leave." She argued,

"Look, I'm flattered, but-" The horn blew and it was time for lunch,

She squealed before linking her arm with his, "Walk me to lunch?"

Jason sighed, "Fine."

As the two walked towards the Pavillion, Jason spotted Kyra with her new cabinmates. Seeing her this happy brought a smile to his face.

After ditching the Aphrodite girl at her table, Jason sat at the Zeus table, where it was just him. He scrolled through the rest of Kyra's photos before looking around for her.

He spotted Leo talking to his cabin mates, waving his arms around with that elvish grin on his face. Next, he spotted Piper where he left Valentina at. She looked just as beautiful as the other girls, but with a frown on her face. Shat sat between a small blonde and a boy just as pretty as the females. Everyone at the table was quiet as Drew spoke.

He finally spotted Kyra, smiling and talking to the other three campers at her table. It seemed like she really belonged there, as if she wasn't the new kid. Jason stood and walked over to the table, clearing his throat when he stood behind Kyra.

The redhead, Kayla, elbowed Kyra slightly and giggled before Kyra turned to him, "Jason, hey." She smiled,

"Hey." He smirked and held up her camera, "I, uh, found this a little bit ago. I assumed it's yours?"

"Oh!" Her eyes widened, "My camera! Thank you so much!" Kyra wrapped her arms around his shoulders for a hug, "I was so worried."

Jason scratched the back of his head, "It was no problem. I'll, uh, see you tomorrow."

Kyra watched as he walked back to the empty table and felt bad, "Jason, wait!"

"What are you doing?" Austin hissed,

"He's alone." The blonde scolded him before Jason turned back around, "Eat with us."

"You sure?" He asked,

"We have plenty of space. C'mon." She smiled at him as he sat down across from her, "Guys, this is Jason. Jason, this is Kayla, Austin, and Will."

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