(19) A Bargain To Fufill

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     I  sighed. At least the crooked goblin had allowed me to get my sword and armor back. I sheathed Felgar in the emerald scabbard given to me by Almar. Within it’s glossy surface where engraved words and my name. I stared at my name, Pentus Highblade IV. A few long months ago I had no idea what my name was, due to the memory loss I had experienced if not for Almar I would still be completely clueless about most of my past. And now it was my turn to return the favor and save him.

  King Galgorbrith stared at me icily and I returned the gaze.

 “Can’t I at least take one of my friends to fight with me,” I protested.

 “One,” the goblin sneered, “Choose one of your companions to fight those enemies alongside you, the rest I shall hold in my domain until the deal is completed. And if you fail we will eat your friends and have a party, if you do however do as you have said, then you and your friends are free to go.”

 One, I thought, it can’t be Aria, I can’t put her in more danger. . .. so it’s either Almar or Aeron. Almar is a great fighter, but Aeron is pretty strong too, after all he took on Velgar, not to mention he wiped out a lot of goblins with just one spell. But. . .i hardly know Aeron and Almar is more trusting, if what Aeron said is correct then dad trained Aeron.

  “Take me to them,” I said, reaching a decision.

  King Galgorbrith groaned, “My hip hurts, and my back hurts like a flesh-eating maggot. I’ll have one of my goblin minions show you the way.

 King Galgorbrith yelled some words in his language, just a bunch of snarls, grunts and hisses and two larger goblins came to me, both carrying steel longswords and blazing lanterns.

  After following them through a bunch of twists and turns I neared the end of the confusing tunnel. But something tapped me on the shoulder, I turned around annoyed, thinking off punching the goblin who touched me when instead I stared into Aeron’s grim face.

  “Aeron,” I leapt in surprise, “what are you doing here!?”

 Aeron shushed me and dragged me through another tunnel away from the goblins.

 “They don’t know I’m gone,” Aeron whispered, “anyways, I eavesdropped on your conversation with King Grinch, or whatever his royal ugliness is called. And I need you to pick me, Almar’s a good choice, and that girl has lot of potential, but they don’t know advanced magic and aren’t as good with blade as me, I can kill twenty of those freaks in a minute. They can’t. Think of ogres like large brutes with lots of raw power, and trolls as berserk psychopathic maniacs with brains the size of pebbles. The point is, just pick me, I’ll teleport back there in a second. You can’t go wrong with picking Almar but he doesn’t know magic the way I do. Aria knows magic right? But she isn’t as experienced as me and you’ll be a lot more worried about her and your mind won’t be in the battle. Also I got a trick up my sleeve that I think you’ll enjoy.”

 I was about say something but behind me I heard the snarling voices of the goblins. Aeron cursed and muttered a few words and he disappeared in the blink of  an eye leaving me baffled.

  “There you are you stupid idiot,” cursed the goblin, followed by more cursing in his language. This time the goblin dragged me back to the tunnel.

  Almar, Aeron, and Aria were in locked steel cages, flanking them where shorter goblins wearing steel armor and carrying spears in a X formation blocking access to the cage.

  “Which one,” the goblin snarled, “The girl, the guy with the uh.  . .scar on his face, and the third guy who uh.. . you know what I mean!”

  I paused for a moment, “Aeron. The third guy.”

 The goblin brung out a silver key and opened the lock. I heard it click as the key was pressed into it, slowly the goblin guard opened the cage, while the other guard kept his spear and knife pressed under Almar and Aria’s neck to make sure they don’t run. I saw Aeron flash a smile as he walked out of the cage. He winked at me and accepted his huge broad sword from the goblin, his black cloak was tattered and his silk clothes was teared into a small vest, he wore silver gauntlets engraved with bars of rippling gold, he also had tightened leather belt with a silver skull on it, he wore tight jeans and combat boots, he strapped the large sword to his back, it’s leather hilt wrapped in crimson leather, in the pommel was a ruby the size of a perfectly shaped rock, it had no hilt and the stainless blade gleamed and was sharper than a serpent’s fang.

 Aeron’s silver earrings shone in the light of the lantern. He mouthed the words, ‘you won’t regret it.’ And I hoped i wouldn’t.


   We walked for half an hour, accompanied by the silent goblin guard, behind them, they pulled the steel cages with Almar and Aria, there eyes stared at me with hope. Hope that i knew what I was getting into. When I tried to talk to them, the goblin hissed at me. Two other armed goblins were inside the cage, they held knives under Almar and Aria’s neck, in case me or Aeron tried anything. As soon as we crossed a large grassy hill, the view below us was Murnon. The large crumbling town was made of white stone and peeling paint. A few of the tall buildings were dilapidated and broken in ruins, the shorter ones looked like they were in better condition. Large stands were on display on the dirty streets, and they were run by trolls or ogres. For now, Murnon was the town of ogres and trolls, since Desirath cast his spell and immobilized everybody. Some of the streets as I noticed was pooled in dry blood, a few dead bodies of humans lingered on the roads.

  “Well that’s Murnon,” I heard Aeron mutter under his breath, his mind was somewhere else.

 “Aeron,” I  said. “you do realize we have to kill all those ogres and trolls or at least make them flee from Murnon, this isn’t going to be easy.”

 Aeron smiled, “Easier than you think, we won’t be fighting alone.”

 Before I could ask him what he means, the impatient goblins shoved me and Aeron down the hill, I yelled in surprise as I rolled down the hill. I drew Felgar and thrusted my sword into the earth to slow down the fall but it was too late, I fell abruptly and landed a few feet away from the front gates, my back smeared with dirt and grass stains. When I got up, the guards grunted in surprise and drew their weapons, alerting the entire town of the intruders while the others in panic raised the alarm.

 “So much for the element of surprise,” grunted Aeron, and swung his sword at the troll, who didn’t have time to deflect the attack and met a fate too terrible to describe, but as his head rolled to the ground you’d pretty much get the idea.

 “Well, at least we got their attention,” I shrugged and raised Felgar to deflect an attack from my sides, then twisted the shaft of the ogre’s spear. The spear broke in two and I clobbered the ogre with butt of my sword. He fell unconscious on the ground. And we were just starting.


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