No? That's his answer? I was so happy when mom amd bro agrees. But why, dad? Why not? I'm not marrying a drug dealer or anything. Plus Greysin is the only person I wanna be with for the rest of my life. I can't just let him say NO just like that. I have to fight. I have to fight for my own happiness.

"Dad, I'm old enough to decide on my own life. I really wished you could agree on this. Me and Greyson are meant to be together." I cried.

"Jess,you're only 21. Plus, you're marrying a celebrity. 6 out of 10 celebrity couples ended up with a divorce. They never last. I wanna make sure, the one who marries you, is the RIGHT guy. I'm not saying that you can't date him, Grayson or whatever his name is. I just don't want you to make the wrong decision." He explained calmly. 

" BUT HE'S THE RIGHT ONE! I'LL NEVER FIND ANYONE BETTER THAN HIM! AND GREYSON IS HIS NAME. NOT GREYSON!!! " I screamed while I cried. I can't believe daddy just said NO to this. Greyson is the only one. He's the only one for me. No one else couls take his place. No. Nobody.

"Jess, i don't wanna argue with you. I'm just telling you that you shouldnt get married at this age. I dont wanna see you end up with a broken heart. So just wait for the right time. I'll let you guys get married. But not now." Dad finally said. But i still wanna get married to Grey. It doesn't matter when can we get married. I KNOW he's the right one and the only one.

"But...I....Urgghh.... I don't wanna talk to you." I cried and wwent straight into my room and slammed the door shut. I cried so hard. I don't even know how to describe the sadness I have right now. I reached for my phone and dialed Grey's number.....

"Hello swetie. Ready to meet my parents?" He said. He sounded really excited. I don't know how to tell him that my dad doesnt agree on our engagement. But i couldn't go against my dad or lie to Grey. I had to tell him.

"Grey... I have something to tell you. I don't know how to say this but my dad disagree of our marriage. He said we're too young to be married." I cried. Greyson on the other side of the phone, listening. Then he took a deep breath.

"Jess, baby. Don't worry. Everything will turn out fine. I will go talk to your dad. We'll meet my parents some other day. They can wait. Don't be sad baby. Its gonna be alright." He said. Trying to cheer me up.

"No, you dont get it. My dad's decision is final. Well i guess? But he wont change his mind. That's for sure." I said. Trying to explain what my dad said.

"Don't you worry, my future wifey! Im gona maje sure you're gonna be married to me. Your dad will be alright with this. I will talk to him. Alright I'm at your door now. Stay at your room. Don't come down. I'll talk to your dad. Man to man." he said.

"Fineeee. But.. But how'd you know im in my room? Hmm... You stalkerrr." I joked. Then we said goodbye to each other on the hone and hung up. 

Few seconds later, the doorbell rang. Followed by a fanatic scream by my brother and my mom greeting Grey in a really loud and excuted voice. Woah since when did my mom and bro became enchancers? I wanna go downstairs. I wanna hug him tight and tell dad that nobody could stop me from marrying him. But instead, i trust Greyson. I know he can persuade daddy. I snuck out of my room and hid behind the wall beside the stairs. I wanna listen to their conversation. I'm curious.

"Hello Mr and Mrs Robertson. I'm Greyson Chance. I'm here to ask for your permission for me to marry your daughter. I might be 20 only but I really really do love your daughter. She is so different from every other girls i know." he said. Awwh that's so sweet. But why did he tell his age tho? Dumb dumb. 

"What?! You're 20? That's like a year younger than Jess! How could I let a younger man to marry Jess. No. That can't do." dad says. My dad's the old fashioned dide. He thinks girls shouldnt be older than the guy she marries. He said our relationshi aint gonna work.

"Mr Robertson. Being one year younger than Jess doesn't matter. Even if it matters, its only one year. If i could choose, i would go back to time and choose to be born on the same year as Jess. So people would stop talking bout our age gap and make Jess feels like she's the pedophile. She's not. Love is love. It doesn't matter." Greyson said.

"Mr Chance. I understand. You see. I'm afraid you're gonna hurt my daughter. She's my only daughter. I can't bear to watch her get hurt. You know, especially when you're in the entertainment industry. To be honest, the entertainment industry can't be trusted. You'll never know what's happening next. One day you could be famous like Gaga and one day you're not. I'm saying what if. One day you found another girl better than Jess. Then you dump her for the other. I'm being totally honest here. No offence, Mr Chance." Dad's being so straight foward. Omg why? Whatever he said might hurt Grey! Greyson stopped. He's thinking. Then he took a deep breath.

"Mr Robertson. Don't worry. I can guarantee you that I will NEVER EVER EVER hurt Jess. She's like the angel. Why would I hurt my angel? And for the entertainment business. I've made my decision. If you really want me to quit the entertainment industry for Jess. I would. I would go find a proper job and I'll promise you I'll take good care of Jess. I'll quit being a singer. I'll leave the industry for her. So Mr.Robertson, please give me the permission to marry Jess?" Greyson said in a very serious tone. He didn't sound like he was joking. He looks serious. He sounded serious. I couldnt let him quit the music industry. No he can't. I won't let him quit. I won't allow this amzing voice to disappear from the music industry. No. Not for me.

"NOOOOOOO! I won't let him quit. NO! If its like this. I rather not marry him anymore. I'll wait. Fine. I'll wait. He CAN'T quit the music industry. You can't just let someone so talented and amazing quit just because he wanted to marry me. Its NOT FAIR. Not fair to him and to his fans. YOU CAN'T LET HIM QUIT THE MUSIC INDUSTRY!" I came running down the stais screaming at my dad.

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