Omg. I cannot believe this. I just said “Yes” to him. He proposed to me. Omg. I’ve always dreamed if this moment. Omg. I can’t breathe. This feels like fairytale. I’m the princess and he’s the prince. Oh my… SOMEBODY PINCH MEEEE!

“OUCH! What was that for??” I felt somebody pinched my cheeks. It was Greyson. Oh my…. So what happened just now was real? It was real? I looked down at my finger and realized I wasn’t dreaming. There’s a friggin HUGE diamond ring on my ring finger. He actually proposed and I actually said YES. OMG. That means, we’re officially engaged and we’re gonna be married soon! Even though I think I’m still too young to be married but, what to do? I have a very adorable and sexy soon-to-be husband.

“Hmm, I though you got Petrified. You were stunned there.” He laughed and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“Oh please, I won’t get Petrified. Don’t pinch me again or I’ll Avada Kedavra you!” I said then I lay my head on his chest while both of us are still sitting in the car watching the starry sky by Jesson Beach. 

“Sweetie, I think you should meet my parents tomorrow! They’re so excited to meet you!” he said.

“But, what if they don’t like me? Did they know that I’m older than you? I mean like I don’t want people to think that I’m with you because I want your money, your fame or what. I’ve heard really nasty comments about people calling me a slut or a bitch just because I’m a year older. They even called me a cougar. That’s pretty nasty. But as long as I’m with you, I’m not afraid of anything. But are you sure your parent’s okay with me?” I said. Sounding pretty worried cause I’m scared that Lisa and Scott would disapprove of our wedding.

“Sweetie, don’t you worry! They’re much opened minded. They understand. They know you’re older and they think its okay. You see, age doesn’t matter. Love is love. If I love you, that’s that. So no worries babe. I promise you, you’ll be my one and only Jess!” He said very firmly.

“Alright then. Whatever you said. So its pretty late now. Should we go home? “I asked. Watching Grey being really tired next to me. Plus I am really exhausted after this whole day of surprise. I mean today is just as crazy as meeting him for the very first time and he invited me for a lunch 5 years ago.

“Hmm I’m a lil’ tired too. Sure! I’ll send you home.” He said while smiling. I can see that Grey’s really tired. He’s been in the studio quite a lot lately. And he had to plan this whole really sweet and romantic proposal. No wonder he looks so sleepy. So I offered to drive.

“Hey. Maybe I should drive. You look really tires and I’m kinda awake now. So let me drive?” I offered. He looked at me as if I’m some scary monster that’s about to eat him up.

“ARE YOU SURE YOU CAN DRIVE? Babe, its alright. I can drive. Im not that tired. I’ll make sure that I’ll send you home safely!” he said while grabbing my hands and intertwined his fingers with mine.

When he pulled out in front of my house, he looked at me and gave me a big goodnight kiss. More like a smooch actually. Then I went in and bid him goodbye. When I stepped into my house, everyone was asleep. I couldn’t tell them that I am engaged. Engaged to the love of my life. So I tip-toed to my room and get changed. Then when I was about to go to bed. I peeked outside of my window and saw Greyson’s car still parked in front of my house. He was asleep in his car. Aww…. how cute. That boy just didn’t know how to say that he’s tired. I just got to go wake him up.

“Oh hey babe. Thanks for waking me up. Whoa it’s chilly here. Think I should go now. Go inside now sweetie, don’t catch a cold.” He said. Omg the face of him just woke up is so sexy. KILL MEH!

“Babe, I think you should just spend the night at my place. You can’t drive anymore. What if you got sleepy and meet with an accident? I don’t want anything to happen to you. No. I want you to stay tonight.” I said. 

“Jess, are you sure it’s okay?” he asked looking really sleepy.

“YES. Come in now. YOU will catch a cold if you don’t come in now.” I insisted.

“Alright then. Hope its okay to bother you for the night.” He said gain. Then he stepped out of his car and went into the house with me.

When we got inside, Greyson said that he’s gonna sleep on the sofa in my room. But I say he could take my bed so I could sleep on the sofa since he’s the guest. But he insisted that he should sleep on the sofa. So I said we should sleep together. He looked at me for awhile and finally said yes. I lay down on his chest while he hums one of his new song for me. He kissed me on my head and whispers in my ear.

“Baby, I love you. I swear I’ll have no other than you. You’re the best that’s ever been mine.” Then he continues humming his new song called ‘Light Up The Dark’. Slowly, slowly, I feel asleep on his chest while he wraps his arms around me. Nothing dirty but just pure sweet love.

The next morning, Grey woke me up with a kiss on my lips. I slowly open my eyes and I saw a perfect man in front of me. He still looks flawless even when he just woke up. With his messy hair and his V-neck white tee. This is heaven.

‘Morning beautiful!” he said.

“Morning sexy!” I replied. Then we both laughed and I got up from him. 

“Babe, I have a meeting at my label at 3 o’clock. Hmm I’ll come pick you up later so we could go meet my parents?” he said while pulling my waist closer to him so he could kiss me. Then when I pulled away I gave him a quick peck.

“Sure, anything. You should go now right? You still have to change!” I said. Then he kissed me goodbye and left my room. 5 minutes later, I watch him zoomed away with his car from my room’s window. 

After getting freshen up and changed, I went downstairs to have breakfast. Just when I got down, I realized a note stuck next to my plate. With toasts with a cup of milk. The note says:

“Babe, I miss you already! Love you! <3”

Luv, Grey.

Aww, can he get any sweeter? He just lights my world immediately. My parents and brother came down and saw me eating my toast, smiling and laughing to myself. They thought I went crazy or something. Oh okay, they’re all here. Each and every one of them. So I should break the news to them now.

“Mom, dad, bro. I have a very important announcement. I. AM. ENGAGED. TO. GREYSON. CHANCE. I’m getting married soon. “I said excitedly.

Everyone just looked at me as if my craziness just went up to a gazillion times. They didn’t believe me. Well its reasonable cause they haven’t seen and Grey together. We met again just a few days ago.

“No. Really. I am seriously engaged and getting married to Grey.” I showed them my ring finger with that super huge diamond ring on it. And that moment, everyone was stunned. They just stared at my diamond ring like there’s no tomorrow.

“Whoa Jess. That’s so huge. That diamond ring. OMG. Whew, and its shinyyyyyy” My younger brother Mike said while admiring it. 

“Wow baby. I’m so proud of you. Omg. I can’t believe my girl is getting married soon. I’m so proud of you.” Mom said. She almost burst into tears. Wow. I was shocked. Not her. Everyone in the room gave me reaction but only ONE person just sat there having his coffee, enjoying his toast. 

“Dad?” I asked. I didn’t know if he approves of me and Grey’s wedding. His approval is important. I need him to walk me down the aisle.

“Getting married at 21? Are you kidding me?” He said. Before I could say anything, a 2 letter word broke my heart into a gazillion pieces.

“ NO!” he said.

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