Once Upon A Time - Chapter 12 : YES.

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Watching a man kneeling down in front of you, pulling put a diamond ring, in the middle of our own private beach surrounded by calming waves and heart shaped balloons asking you to marry him. This is friggin unbelievable. It’s like a friggin fairytale come true. We joked about getting married yesterday and today, he proposed. Bought us a beach and asked me to name it then proposed to me on OUR beach. How can I believe this? This feels so unreal. Who knows I might be having another sweet sweet dream about me and Grey? I stood there, not saying anything, looking stunned. 

“Jess, baby. I really really meant it. Marry me? I promise I’ll be by your side forever, be there when you need me to protect you and love you. I’ll do anything to make you the happiest woman on earth. I wanna hire you, Jessica as my one and only Mrs. Chance for lifetime. Marry Me, Jess? “He said it again. I don’t know what to say, I’m totally speechless. 

“Grey. Don’t you think it’s kinda early to talk about marriage? We’re still young now. I mean, look, you’re only 20 and I’m 21. Watching so many couples out there getting married so young and ended up divorcing a few months later. I’m kinda insecure. What if…. I said WHAT IF we got into a huge fight and all? I don’t wanna lose you, baby.” I said.

“Aww Jess, please don’t say that. I won’t let that happen. No I won’t. I swear Jess. I can’t wait another 5 years for this. You know I love you. I don’t need ANYONE else but you. Please Jess? I NEED YOU. “He said. I knew he loves me. But I still have these insecurities. I mean he’s surrounded by hundreds of female celebrity every day and they are all beautiful. I’m just the ordinary girl. I don’t know what to say but I really wanted to say YES. I wanted to. I mean I don’t wanna lose him. It feels like a million of little people running around in my head. I think I’ve decided. Yes, I’ve decided. I know what I want and I know what exactly the answer is.

“Grey, we’re so young and all. I’m one year older than you but I know you don’t care I’m a year older. But whatever, screw the age gap. I admit that I have insecurities because you’re surrounded by so many pretty female celebrities. I’m afraid one day, just one day. You might not want me anymore.” I said. Then before he could say anything, I took a deep breath . 

“Screw it, I want to be married to you. So my answer is YES! Yes Grey, I believe in you! I love you! “I said. Well it was sort of like I screamed YES at Greyson. He looked at me, surprised. Then he stood up and came hug me really tight. 

“Omg Jess! You said yes. I almost died just now. I thought you were gonna say no. I’m so glad you said yes. From now on you’ll be my one and only Mrs. Chance.” Greyson said and hugged me tighter. 

Yes I did. I said yes to Grey. I am gonna be married to him very soon and I’ll be his Mrs. Chance officially in no time. Omg this is just so suddenly. We just got together not long ago and now he’s asking me to marry him. This feels like fairytale. I’m the princess and he’s the prince charming. 

We pulled away. Then we sat on the sandy beach. Cuddling each other, sharing the sandwich I prepared in the morning. Talking and laughing. Making plans for our dream wedding.

To be continued....

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