'Greyson, are you sure its okay to be like this? You do know that there's no turning back now right? That press confrence was LIVE on everyone's television. Oh gawd, I can imagine enchancers chasing me down the streets tomorrow.' I said while leaving the press conference with Greyson. I'm worries about lots of things right now. What happens if Greyson's record label doesn't like Greyson's decision about introducing me to the world and was pissed? Will that be the end of his career? I'll be the one ruining his career then? Oh my, oh my. I can't even imagine anything now. Suddenly, Greyson wrapped his hands around me. 

'Sweetie, don't you worry about anything. Its gonna be okay! Everything's gonna be okay. Trust me? Haha, there won't be enchancers chasing you down the streets. I'll be your bodyguard, I'll protect you. Promise that nobody's gonna hurt you. We gotta stay strong and together forever and always kay? ' He said. I nodded and gave him a smile. Well, I gotta trust him right? I have to. He's what I've left now.

'Alright. But I'm still worried bout your record label's reaction to this. I don't want your career to end here. You sure its okay ?' I said. Feeling unsured. Greyson looked at me for a while and I stared right back at him. After a moment of staring, he spoke.

'Hey, no need to worry bout this. They're gonna be okay with my decision. You gotta put those aside. Let me bring you somewhere fun so you don't have to worry. Plus, I'm switching off my phone today.. There'll only be fun for us today. But before that, let me make a few calls to my mom and my manager to inform them first.' The Greyson took out his BB and punched in his manager's number, he told his manager that he's gonna bring me somewhere and ask him not to worry. After that, he called him mom and said the same thing. He switched off his phone right after the 2 phone calls and interwined his fingers with mine. We walked down the streets to the theme park just on the other side of the street. LalaLand Theme Park, one of the happiest place in town! 

We bought our tickets to LalaLand Theme Park and we went in hands in hands. People are staring and it felt weird. I looked down while walking, i'm afraid I might meet anyone i know here. They'll come right up to me and started talking like ASDFGHJKL. Greyson knew that I was scared so he held my hands tighter. He whispered 'Don't be scared and act normal. I wanna let everyone know that you're my one and only girl that i wanted.' I looked at him and he smiled. Then I looked up and ignored everyone else's stare. Its Me and him. This relationship doesn't involve anyone else.

LalaLand Theme Park is a place with lots of awesome rides. We went on every rides. Took tons of pictures and had lots of fun there. The best part was when we went on this really challenging roller coaster that zooms really fast, involves sudden stop, zooming backwards, 360 degree turn and dangling upside down. I screamed my lungs out while Greyson's there, holding my hands, right beside me. Screaming with me. He's such a sweet caring guy. He brings me happiness. I'm happy to have someone like him in my life. That moment, I really forgotten about the whole press conference worry. I'm just at a theme park with my celebrity boyfriend, literally, having lots and lots of fun. When we got hungry, we shared a cotton candy, a coke, hotgog and the ice cream. Damn, this is a date. Our first date. At evening, we left the theme park and went for a little stroll around the park we went together the last time he was chased by the Enchancers and he had to run for his life. We sat down on a bench and laughed thru all our memories together, the sweet ones, the funny ones and the bitter ones. Also laughing about how stupid we were to let each other go 5 years ago. Greyson said that we might already got married and had at least 2 kids. I thought for a second and burst out laughing. Oh silly Greyson with his sillyness. I reminded him that we were only 15 and 16 years old 5 years ago. When he suddely realized , his face flushed red and said 'Oh.haha i forgotten.' He's so adorable. My sexy, adorable and hot boyfriend, Greyson Chance. He's perfect.

'Jess, baby. Im sorry. Maybe its just because I wanted to marry you so badly.' He said.

'Oh. Haha. Greyson. You're funny.' I laughed. He must be joking. This ain't serious.

'Jess, have you ever thought of... I said THOUGHT OF. Have you ever thought of marrying me? He said while forcing a laugh. Wow, that was surprising. I didn't expect that.

'Very funny Greyson. Very funny. You gotta stop playing joke on me. Sometime I'll take it seriously. We just got together like this morning and now you want me to marry you? oh yes I'll marry you and we'll have at least 2 kids by now. You must be joking right dear?' I said. Playing along with his 'marry me?' joke.

'You got me,Jess. You got me!' he said and we both laughed. He seems kinda serious when he asked me. I don't get this yet. Its kinda confusing me. Is he trying to ask me to marry him? Or he's just playing a little joke on his not so smart girlfriend? I'm confused.

'Oh. Alright then. I knew you were joking. Oh look its 9 p.m. We should get going. Then Greyson drove me home and kissed me goodbye before i left the car. Then I walked towards the door and he called out for me.

'Jess, tomorrow. You okay?' He said.

'Okay? Okay with what?' I was blurry.

'Haha, you're so cute. I'm bringing you out again. You free?' he explained.

'Is that a compliment? Haha oh. Okay! I'm always free. Maybe you should hire me as your personal assistant.' I joked.

'Hmmmm, great idea. I shall think about that. Better get inside the house now, sweetie. Its cold outside. I don't wanna see you get sick.' he said. Then he blow kissed me goodbye and drove away with his awesome yet old school car.

-The Next Morning-

"Hey you all set babe?" Greyson arrived at the door to pick me up.

'Yeah. Let's go. Where're we going anyways? ' I asked. I have no idea where he's bringing me. Greyson said it was a secret since we're going to a mysterious place and he's not telling me where we're going until we get there. He was being so MYSTERIOUS, I was just feeling blurred. Not knowing that where's he gonna bring me. I climbed into his car and I was kept blindfolded the whole journey.

When we arrived at the destination. He brought me to a place which smells like sea water. Must be a beach. But where? I'm still kept blindfolded. Then when he remove the blind fold, I'm standing in the middle of the white sandy beach with love shaped balloons around me. Jaw dropped. This felt like I was shooting a Music Video or something. Its so romantic. OhMaiGawd.

'Jess, you wanna name this place?' Greyson said. Wrapping a hand around my waist.

'What?! We're naming someone else's beach? We can't do that.' I said. 

'Who said its someone elses?' He said again. I didn't get it until a few seconds later.

'WHAT? Its yours? Oh. Its yours! You bought a beach? Oh my. This is so awesome!' I said full of excitement. This is so awesome. My boyfriend owns a beach. This is life! 

'Nope. This is OUR beach. Its under OUR name. So I'm letting you do the honour and name this beach. This is OUR private beach. Only friends and family are allowed in here. Others than that, just us.' He explained.

'This is crazy. You bought us a beach? And I get to name it? Hmmm, I'm Jessica and You're Greyson. Why not we name this beach Jesson Beach?' I suggested.

'Jesson Beach? Wow. Great idea, Jess. Alright then. This place we're standing right now, its called the Jesson Beach.' He announced. I smiled at him and hug him.

'Oh and one more thing Jess.'

'Marry me?' He kneeled down on one knee and pulled out a huge diamond ring. 

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