Another day, another work

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I woke up in the morning, I got up and went to take a shower.Then I started to prepare breakfast in the kitchen.Then Asia entered the kitchen.

Asia:Good morning.

She smiled beautifully.

F/N: Good morning, did you sleep well?

Asia: Yes, thank you for allowing me to live here, I hope I'm not giving you any trouble.

F/N: Of course not.I am happy that you live with me.

Asia blushed.

We ate breakfast, prepared for school and left.Thanks to Rias, Asia joined our school.She said her parents had "contacts" at this school, so it was easy.Asia has been registered in my class.

In class

Asia:Nice to meet you.My name is Asia Argento,I will live at F/N L/N home for the duration of my studies.

Aggressive shouts and offensive epithets directed towards me, sounded in the class.Issei and his two pals were also in this group.But to be honest, I did not care about their sentences.In the end, a beautiful and delicate person, Asia, lived with me.

After school

The day passed peacefully, Asia talked with students, she looked very happy.Maybe even befriends someone. Rias sent me to help Asia so, I could look after her while she was doing her job.

F/N:Did you like our school?

Asia: Yes! Everyone was so nice.Especially Issei's friend, they want to organize a welcome party for me.

Ehh... I would like them to stay away...

F/N:Ignore them, please.


F/N:Just ignore them, okay?

We rode a bike, it did not attract too much attention.We managed to finish our work soon enough.We returned to the club room.

F/N:Hi Rias, we came back.

She did not answer. She just looked out the window.


I started waving my hand in front of her face, maybe she would notice me then?

Rias: Hm?Oh, you're here, that's good.Asia, today is your big day, today is your debut!

F/N: As soon? Congratulations Asia!

Asia:Thank you, but ... what is this "debut"?

Akeno:You will teleport to one of our clients and make your first contract.

Everyone congratulated Asia, but she looked a bit nervous.

F/N:What's happening? You are not happy?

Asia:I'm happy, but I do not know if I can handle it...

F/N:Of course you can handle it. I believe in you.

She smiled and hugged me. I also hugged her and started to pet her head.

Akeno:Come on, I'll prepare a teleport.

We all gathered around Asia, and Akeno summoned a portal, who moved somewhere Asia. I believe that Asia will succeed, but I must find out something else.

F/N: Rias, do you already know what it is?

I pulled out the purple crystal which I took from Raynare. Rias took the crystal from me.

Rias: Well, it's probably a crystal that lets you store huge amounts of power in it.taking sacred gear required enormous amounts of power, which fallen angels did not have. This crystal could powerfully strengthen their powers.They probably wanted to use the power stored in this crystal for their quest.

I quickly took the crystal from Rias.

F/N: Moment, this stone can strengthen the user's powers?

Rias: Yes, but...

F/N: What are we waiting for? Let's use this!

I caught the crystal with both hands and felt my energy pass through it.I felt strange, the crystal energy began to pierce my body.I had the feeling that I would lose consciousness from this power, but Rias fired a black ball of energy and knocked the crystal from my hands.I fell to the ground, I felt a tingle on my body.

F/N: Hey ... What did you do?!

Rias: It's dangerous!These stones are unstable, if the user is too weak, then the power from this cristal can even kill him.

Rias picked up the crystal from the floor.

F/N: Come on, I can handle it.

I tried to pick up my "crystal", but Rias hide it behind her back .

Rias: NO! I am forbiding all of you, even touching this stone until my appeal, understood?

All: Yes Bouchu.

F/N: Yes boss...

I said and lay back on the floor.

Rias:Look, I'm worried about you, I can not let anything happen to you.

F/N: If you say so...Moment...

I stood up and asked Rias. 

F/N: What happened to those two fallen angels?

Rias: Relax, you do not have to worry.They were sent to hell, they will be judged there.

F/N: Well, probably everything has been explained.

Rias:Yes... everything...

Rias looked out the window again.She looked worried.

F/N: Hey, are you okay?

I asked carefully.

Rias:Yes, everything is good.

She smiled, but I knew something was wrong. 

Rias: You better go home, Asia will be sad if she doesn't find you at home.

F/N: Sure, see you tomorrow.

I left the building and headed towards the house.Rias is hiding something, I'll find out what.

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