5 years time. It took us 5 years time to get back to each other and recreate the sparks between us. 5 years time to be brave and tell each other how much we love each other. It was quite a long time but its worth the wait. I’m proud to be called his girlfriend and his No.1 Enchancer. It’s kinda official now.

“Jess, you’ve heard ‘Home Is In Your Eyes’ right? “ Greyson asked. It was weird for him to ask me question like this. Like DUH? I’m his No.1 Enchancer. Why wouldn’t I know ‘Home Is in Your Eyes’?

“Yeah, I mean like Helloooo? I’m your Number 1 Enchancer here! I really love that song though. It’s really nice and it explains my feelings sometimes.” I said, being totally honest with Greyson. Home is In your Eyes is one of my favorite song. Listening to it really makes me feel relieved.

“Wanna know why it explains my feelings too? Because it’s written about YOU. You’re the reason why I wrote this song and you’re the reason why I sang this song. You once said that I was your inspiration and all but I wanna tell you that YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION. Without you I’m incomplete. You inspire me in every way.” He explained about how Home is in your eyes was written and it’s all about me. I cannot believe it. He wrote a song for me. I’m about to cry. Omg this is so sweet! Every girl dreamt of having a guy that writes songs for her. But mine’s superb! Greyson Michael Chance, my boyfriend slash internet sensation slash international pop star wrote me a song. And it’s in his album!

“Omg, Grey. This is-this is so sweet! Thank you. I can’t believe you actually wrote a song for me. Oh shiz, I’m about to cry now. Its all your fault!” I was closed to tears. This is touching I’m the kind of girl that gets emotional when things happen. But before any tears rolled down from my cheeks, Greyson step ahead and kissed me again. Oh god. The kiss again. I can’t resist this so I kissed him back. We pulled away after and his left hand’s is holding my face and the other hand stroking my hair.

“Don’t cry babe. Feeling better now? I’m sorry I should’ve told you 5 years ago. So I wouldn’t keep you waiting. We would be happy together right now. Not wasting 5 years. I’m sorry, Jess. Come with me to the press conference later today? I wanna introduce my beautiful girlfriend to the world! “He gave me smile. I didn’t say anything but just nodded. I’m still in the shocked mode. I’m trying to shake it off since he first kissed me. I was just shocked and enjoying it at the same time.

At the Press Conference….

“Greyson, where did you get your inspiration?”

“Greyson, what is the title of your upcoming album?”

“Greyson, when will you announce your next tour?”

“Greyson, when will you get a girlfriend?”

“Greyson, are you still with Emma Brant?”

“Greyson, are the Enchancers still your girlfriends?’

“Greyson, will you ever date a fan?”

People are shooting all sorts of questions at Greyson. How could he manage to get all those answered? I stared at him while I was sitting on the chair nearest to the stage. He stood there, not answering anything yet, scratching his head, messing his hair up. Oh mai gawd. Why does he have to be so sexy? The he finally spoke.

“Whoa, whoa. Chill guys. I’m answering one by one. But before I answer all your questions. I wanna introduce you guys someone that inspires me, someone that gives me strength and happiness.” Greyson said. Oh my, he’s gonna introduce someone? Wait, that’s me. Oh. I’m not ready for this yet. I have no idea what’s gonna happen next. Chased and hated by Enchancers?

“Who’s that? Greyson got a new girlfriend?” I heard reporters whispering to each other. And some reporters look at me like I’m some random girl that’s trying to run the stage like a crazy obsessive fan. I was kinda scared. I looked at Greyson. When my eyes met his eyes, he gave me an eye contact that says “everything’s gonna be okay.”

“No need to guess. I’m telling. Yes. I’ve got a girlfriend. In fact, I’ve waited 5 years for her. I’ve loved her for the past 5 years. Its just that we wasn’t brave enough. She’s my inspiration, my world. I’m sorry, Enchancers, I really do love my girlfriend. And yes, I love you guys too. Both of you guys meant a lot to me. My fans and my girlfriends are my world. Please be nice to her and respect her. And I wanna clear things up. Me and Emma Brant are not dating. Not before or now. She’s been providing me information about Jess. I’m sorry if you don’t approve of me and Jess. But she’s my world. I can’t let her go anymore. I’m not waiting another 5 years. Yes, I’m dating a fan. My No.1 Enchancer. She’s Jessica Anne Robertson, my girlfriend and my fan.” Greyson explained and went straight down the stage and head over to my direction. I can’t even…. He introduced me to the world. Literally. The press conference is LIVE! Its playing on everyone’s TV all over the world. Oh mai gawd. I cannot believe this, without realizing, I cried. Greyson hugged me and then he whispered “I love you” in my ears and kissed me on the lips in front of billion of people. THIS IS FRIGGIN LIVE.

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