'Je-Jess?' Greyson sounded shocked.

'Hey, Greyson. I-I.. Yeah Its me Jess. The one very unlucky enchancer than you've ignored for 5 years.' I said while forcing a laugh.

'Jess. I didn't mean to ignore you. Its just that.. I have to keep away from you. I'm sorry Jess. I-I need to tell you this. I love you Jess. I really do. Remember that day you thought I left without saying goodbye? Actually I haven't. I was at the lounge trying to tell myself that You're just another fan. But I can't. You're so special. And that day when I asked you if you're gonna fly to Oklahoma to meet me? I haven't left too. I was outside your house the whole time. I told myself that if you're going to the Oklahoma concert, I would come take you to the concert myself and announce to the world that I liked you and I want you to be my girlfriend. Sadly you said you can't come.I was so depressed I can't even think properly. I even thought of cancelling the concert in Oklahoma. But when I thought of you being my No.1 Enchancer, I kept the concert going and told myself to keep some distance with you. So I went back to Oklahoma alone. Hearing from you again today is really really ... Rare. I have to tell you what I've been trying to tell you since 5 years ago. Jess, I love you. I'm serious. I, Greyson Michael Chance wants you Jessica Anne Robertson as my girlfriend.' Greyson said. I'm speechless. Totally speechless.

I have no idea this would happen. I only expected me calling him and he would hang up straight away right after hearing my voice. But instead he said he really does loves me. He still loves me! Omg. This is actually happening. After 5 years of waiting, crying and hoping. He finally told me that he loves me. He wanted me to be his girlfriend. He's asking me officially to be his girlfriend. Awesomeness overloads. 

'Oh. Uh. Wow. I-I dunno, Greyson.' i didnt know what to say. I know its a simple question, I know I wanna say YES. But when i open my mouth, i cant even speak. Not a sound. 

'Oh come on, Jess. I don't wanna wait another 5 years for this. Its been killing me.' He said. 

'No. No. Greyson. Its not it. I-I-I-Urgggh. Gimme a second. ' I said. This is shiz. I can't say it. I wanna tell him that I love him too. this is killing me.... 

'Okay.' thats all he said. Nothing but okay. Take a deep breath Jessica. Take a deep deep breath. 

'Yes.....Yes.Yes.Yes.' I said 'Yes' for so many times I can't even keep count. This time, i make sure every 'Yes' I said means it. 

'Wow,Jess. Wow. That's so many yes-es. But I THINK I got your answer now. No, I GOT your answer already.' He laughed. Omg he's so sexy when he laugh. Kill meeee! 

'Ha-Ha, Grey. Wait, you don't mind me calling you Grey right?' I asked. I kinda like calling him Grey, its a cute name. Well, to me.

'Grey? Lol sounds like you're calling me a color. Its kinda weird but yeah its kay. That's a special name. You're the only one calling me Grey.' He said he likes the name Grey? Wow. 

'Actually, most of the enchancers calls you Grey. We all like calling you Grey. It makes us enchancers feel like we know you personally.' Now I'm talking like a No.1 Enchacer again. 

'Wow! Really? That's so sweet of them! Thanks for telling me about all the enchancers and how they feel about me Jess. Im lucky to call you my girlfriend and my No.1 Enchancer!' omg he called me his girlfriend. Im not used to it but I liked the way he calls me! Yay! 

'Oh and Jess, Do me a little favor? Mind letting the guy at your door to get in your house? He's standing awkwardly and everyone's staring.' 

'How'd you know there's a guy at my door? Wait-waitttt- OMG! Its youuuu! ' I dropped my phone and ran as fast as i culd to the door. When I opened the door. Greyson was standing there. Perfectly. Omg I'm about to dieee. Im stunned there with my door open and Greyson standing outside my house.

'Hello Jess!' He said while coming for a hug. I hugged him back. Our hug lasted about 5 minutes. Literally. 5 years apart and all. Even 1 hour of hugging is not enough.

'OMG GREY! You're hereee! i miss you! Do you have any idea how much i missed you these 5 years?' Greyson just looked at me. Awhile later, he came closer and closer. The next thing I know. We kissed. His lips felt so soft. Oh God. Please let the time stop right here at this moment. Time just doesn't stop for anyone, Greyson pulled away. 

'Im sorry Jess, I love you.' he said right after he pulled away.

'I-I love you too Grey' Then we kissed for the second time. This time I make sure this kiss tells Greyson how much i miss you throughout these 5 years and how much i really love him. That was the best moment of my life. I SWEAR. 

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