After going through ups and downs feelings in these 5 years, Emma told me that Greyson is STILL in love with me? What is this? Is she lying or what? And how'd she know that me and Greyson had a lil something between us? Emma, Greyson's new girlfriend also my bestie for 10 years told me that Greyson is still on love with me. I hope she's telling the truth. I'm afraid that she'll yell 'Gotcha' in my face if I believed her story. But I don't know what to do now. It feels like a million of little peole running around my head. Is this a good news or a bad news?

'Emma,I-I know you're just kidding right? You're Greyson's girlfriend now. And I'm just one of his Enchancer. He only took a really cute photo of me and him and posted it on twitter, and now you think he's still in love with me? We never really had any more-than-friends relationship. So don't worry and date Greyson all you want.' I tried to shake it off. I don't know if Emma's telling me the truth. I didn't expect this. I thought Greyson hated me? He didnt try to contact me or reply to any if my tweets to him. I TRIED CONTACTING HIM FOR 5 YEARS AND HE REPLIED TO NONE OF THEM! I dont know whats his intention of ignoring me but I need an explaination from him. And I owe him an explaination too. Now, Emma's telling me she did not date Greyson and Greyson's still in love with me? How could I believe that?

'Jess, I'm not kidding or joking or pranking or whatever.I'm serious,Jess. Greyson's still in love with you. I never dated him. He contacted me 4 years ago through the bodyguard known as Dan? He explained everything to me and wanted my help. He wanted me to help him keep and eye on you. Get him informations about how you've been doing and all sorts of things. And that news about spotting us in Mcdonald's around my place? Its cause he misses you. He flies back once in awhile to check on you. Watch you cry and watch you smile. He watches you from a distance just to know you're safe. I was touched by him. That's why I agreed to help. And one more thing Jess, this morning when you called me? Sorry for the super lame excuse. Greyson wanted to hear you voice for a second. So I just let him.' Emma explained while watching me burst 

into tears. I had no idea that he did so much for me. But if he why didnt he reply to any of my message, my tweets or my fanmail?

'Emma, you're telling the truth right? I-I really thought you're dating Greyson. But if you're really telling me the truth, why didn't Greyson contact me? I've been waitng for 5 years. I cannot really accept the fact that Greyson is still in love with me and had been there for me without me noticing. Thanks emma, for telling me.' I hugged Emma and we both cried. 

'Actually Jess. I knew about the whole yu and Greyson thing tii. Greyson called me to keep and eyes on you too. But most of the time it was Emma who provides him information. We're kinda like his spies.' Grace laughed. She's also my bestie for 10 years. I knew her and Emma from some showcase. We talked like randomly and ended up as best friends. Emma and Grace are the bestest friends I could ever ask for.

'Awww, come over her! Group Hug,both liltle spies! ' So three of us hugged for almost a minute then pulled away and continue our talk .' I've finally know about the truth.The truth that have been hiding from me for 5 years.Grace also told me that the reason of why Greyson had been ignoring me for the pass 5 years. She said Greyson couldn"t reply. If he did, he'll never be able to control himself from keeping distance with me anymore. That was a great new. I mean, Greyson still loves me! Tonight was the greatest night ever! Thebroken pieces of my heart suddenly mend back into one I felt like Im the happiest girl in earth. Tonight will be the night I can finally get a goodnight sleep. I've been going thru sleepless nights in these 5 years. Finally, I can sleep. My eyelids are getting heavier and heavier. I closed my eyes.

The next day, after Emma and Grace left. I decided to call up Greyson. Emma gave me his new number, It'll be useless if I dont call up right? Plus, I have to talk to him now. Since I knew about the truth already. But I dont know how to start the conversation with him. What should I say? When should I call? Should I call now or later? Should I pretent I called the wrong number? WHAT AM U GOING TO TO? Should I even call? Is he gonna pick up? I need to breath, omg.

Breath in,Breath out. Breath in, Breath out. Okay, chill Jessica, chill. After 5 minutes of breathing in and out, I dialed Greyson's number and .....


I started to shake. I dont know why. I just cant do it. If i called up randomly and ask him if he still loves me. He'll definitely freak out and say no. That would make the situation worst. But if I dont call him, he'll never know how much I really love him. Everytime i heard his name, my heart would skip a beat or stop for a few seconds. Oh my gawd, I'm about to cry. I have no idea what should I do. This is SHIZ. Okay, I've made up my mind. I AM NOT GOING TO CALL HIM. Yeah, im not gonna call him. Not at all. I'm gonna put my phone down and go watch tv. 

Okay, I can't stand it anymore. I dialed his number and the dialing tone is making me go crazy. Suddenly....

'Hello??' a deeper voice said. Its Greyson. I know that voice even though it got deeper. He picked up! Omg its him. Greyson picked up my call! Omg. Kill me now. There's no voice coming out of mouth! 

'Hellooo?' he said again. Finally when I found my voice and before the first word came out of my mouth, he hung up. Damn. So i redialed the number and once again he picked up.

'Hello? Who's this?' He sounded so sexy. Omg. His voice is taking my breath away.

'Its Jess. Jessica.' I said, trying to stay calm.

'Je-Jess?' He said. Shocked.

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