5 years passes just like that. I've haven't stop trying to contact Greyson. These 5 years, I have not gave up. I just had a feeling that I should not give up, not at all. I have to explain everything. I need an answer from Greyson too. These 5 years, Emma and Grace had been really good friends to me. They didn't know anything at all but they're always there for me. I'm glad that they're always right next to me whenever I need a shoulder to cry on.

In this 5 years time, Greyson got bigger and more famous than ever. His songs are as awesome as it used to be. I'm happy for him, really. I'm really proud to be his No.1 Enchancer. These 5 years, he realeased 2 new album, got a new tour and a new GIRLFRIEND too. There's new about them everywhere and Greyson didn't deny or confirms it. His new girlfriend is Emma Brant. Wait, Emma Brant? My bestie for 10 years, Emma Brant ? How'd he... How'd he know her? How'd Emma got in touch with him? They were spotted in a local restaurant? Wait, hold on. How'd he get here? By plane if course. No, i mean how did he like date Emma? Why didn't Emma tell me anything? I s'pose its because she didn't wanna let anyone know? But its depressing to hear that your bestfriend is dating someone you loved for 5 years plus. And that's not the worst news yet. The worst news is the newspaper broke the bad news to me on New Year's Day. The first day of 2017. I was sad. Nothing could hurt more than watching your bestfriend datethe guy you love the most. The little pieces remained in my heart broke into another million pieces. My heart's crushed. I'm left with no hope. I don't know what am i suppose to so now. Confront Emma, be happy for her, flip the table or what? No, I have to be nice and congratulate her. It was Greyson who chosen her. I AM happy for her. Really. So, I called in. 

'Hey Emma. Uh. Happy New Year!' I said, trying to sound happy. But no one responded. I only heard someone breathing. Someone listening. That's the exact same breathing when I was complaining to Greyson about not wanting him to go back to Oklahoma. Oh, it was Greyson on the other end of the phone! Omg. It was Greyson. I'm sure it was :)

'Okay, enough. Gimme the phone now!' I heard Emma whispered. I knew it, she was talking to Greyson. I just knew it.

'Hi jess! How are you?' Emma said. She knew that I knew it was Greyson on the phone just now. But we both didn't mention anything about it al all. I just couldn't ask her straight away. I can't. Just can't. She didn't know I liked Greyson at all. Like 'like' I mean. 

'Oh hey Emma.Who's on the phone just now?' So i just asked her in a not-so-obvious way.

'oh. That? No one! Its just that I sat on my phone and my butt pressed the Green button.' Then she started laughing by herself. It wasn't logical at all. Nobody butt press the Green button and breath with their butts right? Unless she.. Never mind.

'So, you wanna come over for a girl's night out?' We'll go have some drink and head back to my place for a sleepover. We'll do lots of girl talk.I've already invited Grace. 5 p.m , my place kay? I said. I really wish she'll come. I wanna talk to her about Greyson. Its about time to tell them the whole me and Greyson thing. Its not that I wanna break them up. I just want her to know the truth.

'Oh really? Yay! We'll have lots of fun! kay, I'll be there. 5 pm sharp. Or maybe earlier.' Emma said. She agreed excitedly. I don't know if she's pretending or what but I really hope to see her and talk to her.

Emma and grace came at 4:45 pm. 5 minutes earlier. So we went out with our best dressm Due to the crowded bars, we decided to head back to my place without even drinking a drop of alcohol. When we her changed into our pyjamas, we sat down on my bed and talked abour our childhood. It was a perfect topic until Grace suggested to play SPIN THE BOTTLE. We agreed and sat around the bottle. So we started the game by spinning the bottle. The bottle pointed at Grace. So she'll be the frst to ask any of us question and we have to answer honestly. Then, Grace spinned the bottle and it pointed at me.

'Jess. Tell me, have you ever peed on your bed?' Yeah. Thats the first question Grace asked. It was the funniest question I had to answer. Cause I really did peed on my bed before.

'Yes. But it was 9 or 10 years ago. I forgot.' Then we burst out laughing. We continued the game for a few rounds and then when it comes to my turn, i decided to bring up the Greyson topic. I spinned he bottle and it pointed ar Emma. Here's my chance.

'Okay, Emma. Are you still an Enchacer?' I asked. I knew she's Greyson's girlfriend now. I was JUST ASKING. And 'Yes, i am.' is all she answered. Then she spinned the bottle and it pointed at me. I dont know if this is a coincidence or what but the bottle pointed at me.

'Jess. Do you like Greyson Chance?' She asked.

'Of course. I love him. He's my inspiration, my love and my world. I cannot imagine my life without him. He.. He.. He's the best I've ever met. I know you're his girlfriend now but please treat him nicely. I will congratulate you both.' Tears started running down my cheeks. I can't say anything else.

'I. Jess. You've gotta know something. I can't do this anymore. I'm not dating Greyson, Jess. I'm not. He's still in love with you.' Emma said. I was shocked. What? WHATTTT?! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS.

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