Everything happened today was crazy. I've met my only inspiration, had lunch with him, went for a walk with him, took random funny pictures of us with him, he hugged me and held my hands. This is SUPER CRAZYYY. I've done all sorts of things I've never imagined I could do with the one and only Greyson Michael Chance.

I've been sitting aline in my room wondering all sorts of questions that popped into my head like 'why me?' 'Is this even real?' or 'What if I wake up tomorrow and its just a dream?' I know I've been wondering these questions for the whole day but i still haven't figure out any answers yet. This whole thing felt unreal. Well, there's no way GreysonChance would go to a random girl and asked her to lunch or hugged her or even held her hand for no reason. What does that means? No. Just No. I'm obviously not Greyson's type of girl. I'm not as pretty as Emma or Grace. Greyson would like them more. Urgggh, my head can't fit all these things. I need to sleep now. I can't even think properly now. 

'Bzzzz Bzzzzz. Come with me for a little ride, see the shadows passing by~' Suddenly my phone vibrated and my message tone rang. I changed to to 'Summertrain' cause the super loud 'Unfriend You' ringtone made my heart skipped a beat whenever it rings. I picked up my phone from the table next to me and realized the sender was Greyson Chance.

"Hey Jessica. So sorry for today. How's my No 1 Enchancer doing?' Greyson asked in his text. Omg its real. Everything's real. He texted me. Omg omg omg.

"Hi greyson! I'm so happy today. Omg omg omg! I love you so much! <3 " *deletes* *deletes* I can't send something this stupid to Greyson. So instead of that i sent: 'Hi Greyson! Thanks for everything today! You've gave me the best memory ever. You've completed my dreams. Thanks Greyson. Forever your NO.1 Enchancer.' 

I'm so glad that Greyson actually sent me a text.I'm trilled. If you told me I'll get to meet Greyson and go have lunch with him a month ago, I would tell you that you're crazy. But my dreams came true today. Greyson helped me realized that dreams do come true. This is why he's my biggest inspiration, my love, my world.

Within a few minutes, Greyson replied. I quickly picked up the phone and the text said:' Haha no proble. Its great to make my enchancers happy. So, u wanna grab lunch before I go back to Oklahoma tomorrow night?' My heart broke into millions of peices in just a few milliseconds. He's going back to Oklahoma tomorrow. That means I won't be seeing him amymore. I can't describe how I really felt now. Its so.... painful.

'Alright then.' is all I replied to Greyson. My heart's too painful to reply any longer. Each letter I type feels like a knife stabbing me in the heart. 

'Watching the minute hand, frozen solid not moving.' My Hold On Till The Night ringtone rang and i answered the call without checking who's calling.

'Hello?' I said. My voice almost sounds like a toad. I don't have the mood to talk to people now.

'Hi Jess. Don't mind if I call you Jess right?' a a very familliar boice asked from the other end of the phone. Waittt! That voice. I know who's that. Its GREYSON.

'H-He-hello Greyson. No, I don't mind.'

'So, someone told me you sounded like an owl.' said Greyson. I was confused. I have no idea who would call me an owl .


'I dunno. Someone told me you sounded like an owl.' He said again.


'No idea. Someone said you sounded like an owl. He said and started laughing by himself I don't get it. Why is he laughing? Oh waittt! I get it now! He told me ' Somebody said you sounded like an owl' and i'm stupid enough to fall for the joke and asked 'who.' Owls make noises like ' who... Who... Who..' I realized i was stupid and laughed too. Greyson made me laugh. He could me me feel better within a minute. Before he called, my heart sank to the bottom of the sea. After he called, I felt alot more better.

'Hahahahahaha Greyson. I get it now! Why did i even fell for that? Thanks for making me feel better.' I said. I can still hear him laughing from the other end of the phone. His laughter sounds so sexy. I can't breath. Omg.

'Glas you get the joke. Some people doesn't get it and kept asking me who. haha its so funny. Oh and why did you say you felt better? What does that mean? Are you unwell, sweetie? ' He sounded concerned. Awww that's so sweet of him but how am i suppose to tell him that I dont want him to leave tomorrow? I can't help myself so i burst into tears.

'Hello? Hello? Jess? You still theree? Are you okayy?' He sounded really concerned. I-I don't even know how to express my love for him and tell him I don't want him to leave. But I know its impossible. Celebrities and artists are meant to travel.

'I'm still here, Greyson. Its just really sad to hear that you're leaving tomorrow. I just got to know you and I'm not ready to watch you leave yet. I know I have no rights to control you or whhatever but I really really really dont want you to leave. I-I-I just can't.' I said while I wiped my tears away.Then, there's a moment of silence, I can hear his breathing. He's there. He's listening.

'Don't cry, Jess. I don't wanna leave too. But I had to. I have a concert in Oklahoma tomorrow.I really wanna stay and get to know you more too.' he explained.

'I-I know. But greyson. I need to be honest with you. I liked you Greyson. I love you as an enchancer. But the reason I liked you is not because you're Greyson Michael Chance. You're different from other celebrities. I feel comfortable around you. You gave me a feeling like you're gonna protect me no matter what. I really liked you. I know I'm a year older than you but I still liked you. I just had to tell you this. I'm sorry if I scared you. But everytime I watch you turn away my heart sank.' I cried. I can't control any longer. I burst out crying once again.

'Jess... I-I dont know how do i start this but i have to tell you something really important too. I-I-I'll meet you at the airport's cafe then i'll tell you. Dan will pick you up tomorrow morning at 8. Goodnight Jess!' He hung up without waiting for me to say goodbye. I wish I knew how he felt like. I have to send him off tomorrow. My last CHANCE to meet him.

The next morning, Dan picked me up at 8 and we went straight to the airport. The airport was full of enchancers screaming and chanting 'We Want Greyson!' I joined in the fun and started chanting with them. I'm an enchancer myself but I can't be not chanting right? Dan lead me to a private lounge and asked me to wait there. 5 hours passed by and Greyson still isn't here yet. I drank 2 lattes while waiting just to keep myself awake incase he's here. Where's Greyson? Dan kept calling and calling but no one answers. The chanting went softer and softer. 

'I'm sorry,Miss but boss isn't picking up. I dont know why. This morning when I sent him here, he looked okay. Miss, I don't wanna tell you this but boss arrived at Oklahoma already. He took an earlier flight and left. Sorry Miss. Want me to send you home?' Dan said.

"WHAT?! He went back? But he said he got something to tell me and its out last chance to meet. I can't even belive he'll leave without saying goodbye. I thought we're at least friends." I cried. The tears rolled down my cheeks and I can't even control it. My heart went all numb. He left just like that, without saying goodbye. 

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