Tis the season part 2

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Cole's POV

I finished what I had to do and made a couple of stops before heading home.  In two days was Christmas and I was lucky I was able to get done what I got done in the time frame I had.

I just really hope they like it.

Christmas Eve was spent with family. Mom and dad said they wanted one day for family. Christmas Eve was reserved for that. I sent Wade a text and got no response. I sent a couple more and same thing. Damn, I wonder what he was doing.

After spending Christmas Eve at my grandparents, we came home and I checked my phone. Nothing. Usually he responds but nothing. Maybe he was busy with family stuff. I know he said he would be stopping by tomorrow to deliver cookies. Maybe I can find out then.

Christmas Day arrived and Rain was excited. She opened gifts but I decided to wait on the special one. I did pick her up something until then. I handed her the gift and she opened it to find a special edition My Little Ponies.

"Oh my god! Thank you Cole," she exclaimed. She gave me a hug and I hissed. Shit I forgot. She looked at me questionably and I just told her I was fine. I couldn't ruin the surprise.

After everyone opened gifts, there was a knock at the door. Luke opened it and Antonio and Adrian came in. They came to see Rain. I waited and waited. Then I called Wade.

"Hey Wade, it's me. I called but you're probably busy. I wanted to wish you Merry Christmas. Call me."

I hung up.

I stood there watching the snow fall, as dad came into the kitchen.


"Yeah," I said as I looked outside.

"You okay," he asked me.

"Yeah," I answered.

"Okay," he said as he walked back into the living room.

Eventually I went back into the living room. Since I knew Antonio and Adrian were his best friends, I walked over to the tree, picked up a gift and handed it to them, "can you give this to Wade, since obviously he's not answering my calls."

Adrian took the gift from me. I walked over, grabbed my coat, put it on and opened the door

"Cole? Where are you going," Rain asked me confused.

"I'm going to get a coffee. I'll be back in a bit," I explained to her. She looked at me worried and I placed a kiss on her forehead before leaving. Right now I just wanted to be alone.

I didn't understand. Christmas is suppose to be happy but Cole was sad. I looked at my family along with Antonio and Adrian, "I don't understand. If Christmas is suppose to be happy then why is Cole upset?"

"I think it has something to do with Wade hunny," mom answered.

I walked over to Antonio and Adrian, "what's wrong with Wade?"

They looked at each other then at me.

"What's wrong and don't say nothing because I know that's a lie," I told them emphatically.

"Wade doesn't think Cole has time for him," Antonio told me.

"That's not true. Cole loves Wade," I told them with concern as they looked at me stunned.

"What do you mean he loves him," Adrian asked me.

"Like I said. He loves him. What part don't you understand?"

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