Suprising news

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Jason's POV

We got to the hospital and I grabbed a chair to put Hope in and we went in. The nurse checked her in. We waited for what seemed liked ever and then they called us back. "Hi sir, I'm Dr. Daniel what brings you in here today?" "Well, sir this morning my fiancée was cleaning the kitchen and she got light headed and then fainted so she laid down for a while and she wasn't feeling any better, so I wanted to bring her in and get her checked out." I said. the dr wrote down some stuff we are just going to take some blood and go from there. "Have you had this happen before?" the dr asked Hope. "Yes, but usually I had signs before it happen but today nothin just hit me." she said. "Alright, when was your last period?" he said as he took her blood pressure and did some other stuff. "About a month ago." she said. "Ok I'm going to have to get a Urian sample." the dr said. "Alright." she said. she came back and sat back on the bed. "how's my girl doing?" I asked. "Still the same." she said. I walked over to the bed and held her hand. "I love you Hope." I said. "I love you too babe." she said. The dr came back. "Well Ms. Ashby good news, we got the test back and it shows that you are about 3 weeks pregnant and the blood test came out all clear, he let us know that if she has another spell again to just cool her down with a cold wet cloth." the dr said. We both looked at the dr. I was more shocked and happy to answer. We thanked the dr and left. "Are you okay babe?" I said "Yes, I can't believe that we have a little one on the way!" She said.

Hope's POV

I was still trying to get my thoughts together in about 9 months I would have a baby to call my own and with this amazing guy that I couldn't imagine my life without. We got home and went in. "Mom we are back." Jason called. Both girls and mom Williams greeted us. "Are you ok?" she asked. "We have some big news to tell you guys." I said. We went in the kitchen and sat down. "So mom as you know me and Hope are going to be getting married but not for a while." Jason said. "Yes, and I'm happy for the both of you." she said giving me a hug. "Well, you are going to be a grandma again." Jason said. "Awe, congrats you guys!" she said giving us both a hug. I excused myself out of the room and figured I'd call my mom and tell her the big news and then I'd text Emily and Holly and tell them. "Hello!?" I heard my mom say. "Hey mom, I've got some big news to tell you!" I said. "what is it sweetie?" she asked. "Well first are you sitting down cuz if not you need to be." I said "Ummm Hope what's going on what's wrong?" she said. "Well, in about 8 and a half months you are going to be a grandma!" I said. "Hope, are you serious?" she said "Yes, I went to the hospital cuz I had another dizzy spell and they wanted me to have a Urian sample and they said I'm pregnant." I said "I'm so happy for you and Jason and congrats call me and keep me up to date and I will talk to you later, love you." she said "love you too." I said. Next I sent a message to Emily and Holly. Hey you guys I've got some new to tell you text me as soon as you get this. They both text me what's up. Well in about 8 and a half months I will have a new bundle of joy. I text them. awe congrats I'm happy for you. I told them I'd text them in a bit and joined Jason and his mom back in the kitchen.

Jason's POV

Why Hope was on the phone I talked to my mom for a while. "Jason, I've haven't seen you this happy in a long time and I can tell Hope cares a lot about you, your a very lucky man and she is a very lucky lady." mom said. "She means so much to me and I can't believe that we are having a baby I know I have the girls but I don't see them like I want cuz of well you know." I said Mom shock her head to let me know she knows what I was saying and not much could be said with the girls in the room. Hope comes into the kitchen and joins me and mom. We talked for a bit and then she left. "I guess we got a lot of planning to do before our new arrival gets here." she said. "Yes, we do and a busy week ahead of us too!" I said smiling at Hope. she gave me that little smile that I always love seeing. "I love you babe!" she said "I love you too!" I said. "So when should we tell the band about the surprise?" I asked. "How about on the fourth when they come over for the cookout?" I said. "Sounds like the perfect time." Hope said.

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