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I felt the ocean's breeze blow through my hair. I opened my eyes to see where I was. I was In the middle of the ocean somewhere, standing on the biggest sand bar I've ever seen before. I looked around, I noticed that infront of the sun, there was something blocking it.

I felt like I walk for miles. Either it was some sort of messed up mirage or I was walking too slow. I ran to it and it only took a couple of minutes and I was there.

It was a mirror. A huge, circular, silver mirror. It took me a while for me to realize it was a mirror because it seemed to be transparent.

I was a couple of meters away. staring, I took a couple steps forward and I saw something. It looked like an ancient man, very wise and powerful. But as soon as I got right up to it, something happened.

The man started glowing, not just glowing, I mean he was a bright, white light. I covered my eyes to shade them from the intensity. Then it just stopped. I looked and I saw myself standing in front of me.

I was the old man.

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