Losing Control Isn't Always Fun 29

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I walked to the front door and slammed it open.

There sat a little box in red wrapping paper and a white bow. My gaze searched the halls, but found nothing - though I knew that I was looking for Dominic.

I picked up the box and went back inside, closing the door behind me.

What could it be? I thought to myself. I quickly undid the bow and pulled up the lid to reveal a necklace.

The silver chain held a heart the that was the size of my thumbnail. It was silver, with one small sapphire. A shred of paper flew out of the box when I picked up the necklace.


-because I probably wouldn't survive if I gave you the real thing. It's not a real sapphire, so you don't have to freak out on me for going overboard-


I actually caught myself smiling.


The weeks passed by, and my mom and I had picked an apartment to move in to. Packing was a pain in my butt, but whenever I felt like I would go over the edge, I just touched the necklace that was forever-hanging around my neck. Mr. Parks had switched around the seating chart, so I no longer had to look at Dominic and see only what I couldn't have. I hid the necklace underneath the neckline of my shirt so that he couldn't see me wearing it. I switched shifts to after school, and I turned down the job offers to just stick with Starbucks and Rusty. One job. One almost-average teenager.

So maybe I could have him. I had been warmimg up to the idea of doing something selfish for once, and letting myself just give in. Maybe it would be okay.

I was sitting in a giant box as Kyle and Richy helped pack the heavy furniture. There was a pad of paper in my hand, and a pen in between my teeth. I was trying to perfect the speech that I was writing for Max's funeral.

"So what's the new place like?" Richy asked.

"It's awesome," I said. "I mean, the door actually works. And there's no problems with anything. It works, and it's spacious, and amazing."

They huffed as they moved the mattress out the door.

"Thanks for doing this, guys," I said.

"No problem," Kyle said with a smile.

"It means a lot," I said, twisting the heart that hung from the chain.

"Well, you have a lot to worry about, with the speech and everything," Kyle said. "For Max's funeral."

"It has got to be stressful," Richy said, giving a meaningful stare at Kyle.

"Okay, what's been going on between you two?" I demanded. "You've been doing that thing."

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