E i g h t e e n

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Avery's POV:

The next morning, I woke up and got ready for another usual day of college. I don't even know why I found myself wanting to dress up and wear the best thing I had in my closet.

I picked up a cute white sweater and a short maroon skirt with some black leggings. I put my brunette hair in a ponytail and applied some eye-liner on my blue eyes and some baby pink lipstick.

Addison drove us to our college campus and when we reached there, I unwillingly found my myself looking for an arrogant and cocky pair of hazel eyes.

The fight that happened yesterday, the furious exchanges between them stopped when the college dean unknowingly stepped between them and started to shake the blonde man's hand. I don't think the dean had any idea of Kyle and the blonde man -or as Kyle called him, Lockwood's intense gaze. Either way, the fight completely broke but there was something we all knew for sure; It wasn't over. That visit was just a declaration of war.

We settled in our new class and this time Addison was with us due to some combined-lecture thing. Addison and me were sitting together while Jace and Kessa, Matt and James and Kyle was busy flirting with some girl too busy to notice anyone else. Our professor, Mr Lee, was trying to teach us about God knows what, because the only thing I could concentrate was Kyle or more like his back of the head.

Kyle hadn't even tried to talk to me since yesterday. He didn't even wake me up with that annoying music like he usually does. I had even dressed up from hi-- No No No, Avery. You were so not about to say what I think you were about to say.

Remember, men are stupid. You wouldn't get anything with thinking for him like that.

I glared at his back and somehow sensing my intense glare, he turned around to look at me. His eyes were cold and blank like how I remembered from yesterday. As I stared back into his hazel-eyes with my blue ones, a gentle smile unwillingly touched my lips.

Kyle's eyes slowly softened and loosened its coldness that it had a few seconds before. After a few seconds, his lips showed a hint of a smile. He tried hard to repress it but after a minute or two, I was rewarded by a full blown grin.

He was now completely ignoring the girl sitting beside him and was staring back at me. He got up from his seat and started walking towards our table still smiling. He came nearer and nearer, until only a few feet were left between us. As he was about to say something- What the?

The hell?

The door abruptly blasted off its hinges. The sound of an explosion made its way towards our ears. Smoke spread everywhere near the entrance of the hall. A group of masked men wearing armor came through holding guns.

Our professor, Mr Lee, stepped up, "Who do you think you are to enter-" Mr Lee's words were stopped short as one of the masked men without any remorse shot a bullet through his head. Blood oozed out of his head and his mouth. His gaze met ours and he mumbled the words 'run' as his face went pale and his eyes grew even more lifeless the next second.

The gun-men started firing in all directions while people ran and screamed trying to save their lives. Bodies started to drop to the floor and blood oozed out of people's injuries, some injured yet some dead. I could only stand there and scream, terrified as my feet wouldn't move.

A hand closed around my wrist, as a familiar voice yelled, "Avery run!" His voice was full of panic and he started sprinting with me towards the back doors of the lecture hall.

I made a mistake of looking behind me to see the men standing up on Kyle's voice as they decided to follow us.

Kyle's hand squeezed mine tightly as he whispered, "Baby, don't look back. Just focus on running." I looked at my side to see, James, Kessa, Matt, Addison and Jace running with us. I breathed a sigh of relief as everyone looked alright.

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