We ran until we were out of breath and soon entered what looked like a hallway. The place was deserted as if there was no sign of life. The walls were filled with bullets and there was very little light as most of them were broken.

My hearts started beating faster as we heard steps behind us. They were near us.

Kyle tried to open the first door to our right but it was locked. "Shit."

The voice of those steps came nearer and nearer as all of us in panic tried to open as many door as we could. I started hearing voices near our hallway as shadows of man with guns started appearing on the walls.

Oh God, we were going to die.

"Yes, it opened. Come on." Jace whispered holding a door to a classroom open. All of us rushed inside it, shut the door lightly and locked it as the footsteps of the men echoed in the hallway.

My breathing was ragged and I ran my tongue over my dry lips as I tried to peer out of the window from a side. There were a couple of men who were looking around a hallway but there was a man standing in the middle who was out there giving orders.

I don't know if he sensed my gaze or what because he turned around towards the window. A hand came to rest on my mouth while the other wrapped around my waist and my back pressed into kyle's front as he moved us slightly away from the window.

I could see the shadow of the man as he came near our door but a voice saved us, "Boss" was all we heard as the footsteps receded from our door.

My breathing turned normal as Kyle and I relaxed as we heard them move on. It was an empty classroom with no table or chairs. No-one looked ready to talk about what just happened. I wanted to vomit at the memory of what had happened in the classroom.

"They just killed them." I said in shock as Kyle sat down on the cold floor. I shuddered in terror and disgust. Kyle seeing my state wrapped his hand around my wrist and pulled me down on him.

"What are y-you doing?" I stuttered in shock as my ass landed in his lap.

"I don't want you sitting on the cold floor." He said as his arms wrapped around my body.

To my surprise, he nuzzled his nose in my neck as he whispered, "I'm sleepy." That was all he said as his breathing evened out.

I looked around to see Kessa's and James's arms wrapped around each other as they were sleeping on another side of the wall.

Addison's head was rested against Jace's shoulder while his head were rested against Matt's shoulder and Matt's head was resting on top of his. A smile made its way towards my face despite what happened earlier as I looked at the siblings and their friend. They all looked so cute sleeping together especially Matt and Jace. I'm pretty sure they would deny it but they were best friends.

I sighed as I looked back at Kyle snoring lightly against my neck, its weird that I just met him and he made my life a living hell but I still trust him. And I knew I will be safe and protected until he was there. With me on his lap and his arms around my body, I sighed as my eyes grew heavy and sleep overtook me.

I woke up as I felt something press against my thigh. I might have moved around in my sleep as I was in another position than I was before. We must have slept for two or three hours as it looked like afternoon through the window.

Kyle lifted his face from my neck and groaned because of the uncomfortable position.

"Can you move your mobile phone from your pocket? I think its vibrating on my thigh." That took Kyle's attention as his eyes widened. He looked down and his cheeks started to grow hot. "Its not what you thin-" He stopped as James stood up and said, "Time to get out of here."

We stood up and opened the door to check our environment. When James was sure that the area was clean, he signaled and we got out and started running.

As they said , the exit was not far from here. Kyle and I were still holding hands while running. Matt, Kessa and Jace were running infront of us. While Addison and James were running in front of them.

Matt suddenly stopped as he whispered, "My mom." My eyes widened in realisation. Mrs Martin, Matt's mom worked as a professor here. The strict one who assigned the sudden test and we had to break in her office to get the test-paper.

Kyle's face hardened as he realisation dawned on him. I suddenly realised that they all were very close to her and probably loved her as their mother despite her strict behaviour.

"I'll get her." Kyle said as he nodded towards them and turned around.

"No. Please don't go. They'll kill you like they killed all of them." Surged by the sudden emotions and in slight panic, I flung myself over to Kyle and begged him not to go.

"Hey Hey Baby, I'll be back for you in no time. Okay?" His hand cupped my face gently as he whispered to me.

"Okay." One minute he was holding me in his arms and the next minute he was gone.

We started running again and they were infront of me and I wasn't too far behind.

I started seeing the exist of our college campus and I finally breathed a sigh of relief, we were finally here. Kessa, James, Matt and Addison exited the door of the campus. Jace was the last to leave as he looked behind him, running towards him.

As my hand reached the exist door, I pushed but suddenly a hand wrapped around my elbow.

I looked back towards a man who had his face slightly covered with mask, his eyes glinting with evil. As he removed the mask, his filthy mouth turned into a sadistic grin "Oh, Look what do we have over here?" He said as grabbed hold of my hair and dragged me back from the exit.



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