⚫Chapter 15⚫

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Sunday, September 30

I spent the majority of the day doing school work. It had only been close to a month of school and I was already tired of it. I remembered high school and how fun it was. Yes, I had some hard classes like Physics and Advanced Functions, but the workload was nothing compared to this.

I sat in my room with my hands over my face feeling a bit tired as I tried to finish my work. Suddenly, my phone buzzed indicating that I had received a text message.

Come Outside.

I shook my head while smiling at my phone.

I have work to do. Can't.

Come on Tiger. You've been in your room all day long. You need a break.

I sighed as I stared outside my window to see Nathan waving hysterically at me.



I threw on a sweater before rushing downstairs. As soon as I got outside, Nathan started smiling cheerfully as I walked over towards him.

"You do know it's like 10:00 pm. It's kinda late to be lurking outside," I exclaimed.

"We're just going for a walk. There's no harm in that."

I stood there staring at him while he smiled at me weirdly. "What?"

"Someone missed you..."

I shrieked a bit before placing my hand over my mouth. "Please shift, god I've missed him so much."

He chuckled before turning around. He walked into the forest as I waited there in anticipation. I hadn't seen Milo in a long time and I was beyond excited. Maybe a bit too excited.

And there he was. In all his glory, Milo trotted towards me with his clothing in his mouth. I literally skipped towards him like a five- year-old and engulfed the huge animal into a hug. "Hi, Milo."

I placed my fingers under his chin stroking his thick silver fur. He purred with delight as I continued petting him. He suddenly sat down and then nudged me causing my balance to stagger. He wanted me to climb onto his back.

I pulled myself onto his back and hugged his fur. No later than five seconds, we were off. He ran into the thick forest as I closed my eyes and let the breeze sweep me off my feet. It felt magical. Every single damn time. I opened my eyes and looked up at the sky to see it was indeed a full moon.

We continued travelling into the forest deeper and deeper. We passed the lake and several other small bodies of water. We finally stopped at a flat area within the forest as he lowered himself onto the ground allowing me to step down.

Just as I was about to open my mouth to say something, Milo growled. His eyes turned black as he stepped back away from me.

"Milo? What's wrong?"

He turned around and growled again, but towards a bush.

"Nathan?" He continued growling while pawing at the dirt ground. What was going on? Were there rogues?

Suddenly, three men appeared from behind the bush. I instantly started walking backwards feeling a bit nervous. Milo trotted backwards in a protective way. They moved away from the bush and started walking towards us. The man in the middle smiled mischievously as he stared at me with hunger.

Milo growled as he pounced towards them.

"Deal with him. I've got the girl," said the middle guy before licking his lips to reveal his pointy white fangs.

"Leave me alone!" I exclaimed while moving backwards. "And don't you dare touch him!"

With great speed, he grabbed onto my arm and threw me against the tree. I sat there in pain as I looked past him. Milo was still trying to fight off the other two men. We needed help!

"Get up you worthless human!" the man yelled at me before aggressively lifting me up. I breathed heavily as I tried my best to avoid eye contact with the monster. I suddenly felt his icy hand grip onto my neck as he moved his mouth near me.

"What pretty hair you have..." he purred before moving my white locks away from my neck to lick its surface.


I suddenly felt his teeth bite into me as I let out a sudden gasp. My knees buckled as they ignored my body's calling to be held up. I faintly heard Milo howl from in front of me as my eyes started feeling light. He continued sucking onto my neck as I felt the blood being drained from my body. Was this the end? Was I going to die?

I felt light as paper as I gasped for the little life I had left to stay. My body collapsed onto the ground as the monster in front of me fell backwards in pain.

The last thing I remembered seeing, was my mate rushing towards me with worry in his eyes.

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