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Thank you for choosing to read Jacob's Regression. Before you move into Chapter 1, I wanted to share some important information.

Content: Jacob's Regression is a non-sexual age-regression story. While this story certainly can be considered as PG-13 as the Hunger Games, I tagged it as young adult because it does include light swearing and suicide ideation themes that may be a bit more suitable for 16+ readers.

Updates: Are no longer paused, but there is currently no set schedule.

Edits: Readers, I am an absolute perfectionist. This means that I am always editing this book in between chapter releases. There's a chance that you might see a spelling error that's gone in a few minutes because I noticed it when I re-read the story. Sometimes, I add a bit of extra descriptive work after realizing another word might have improved the flow. Since I'm rapidly learning and growing as a writer, I often take time to revamp scenes and paragraphs. Those changes are always posted on my profile under the conversations tab.

Copyright: By posting a story on wattpad, authors are immediately afforded legal copyright protection. Please understand this means that I do NOT authorize any reproduction of this book through any means. Furthermore, you may NOT translate this book into another language without my consent.

Cover: The picture used in the cover of this book was taken from a stock image website, Unsplash. Photo credit: Conner Baker.

That's about it for now. I hope you all enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoy reading and writing it. Jacob's Regression is the first story that I've ever written in my life, and I'm so happy I get to share this writing experience with readers from all over the world.

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