Eight; Tummy Trouble

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When I woke up, Jessica was sitting in her office chair, rocking me gently. She is so loving and kind. I feel so small, like she can protect me.

"Aragalvugle." She laughed and played with my hair.

"How about the bottle now?" I nodded excitedly, but when I moved, I felt the wetness in my diapee. I also realized that I was still in just the bra and diapee. I made a displeased face and she looked at me confused. I wiggled my butt and she smiled.

"I will change you after your juice." I huffed and felt a few tears fall down my face. She gently placed the nipple of the bottle in my mouth and wiped my tears.

"Good girl." She pressed down on my low tummy, and I started shaking my head frantically. No! No! No! Bad!

"What is it, baby?" She asked but kept pressing down. I tensed every muscle I had to keep from pooing myself.

"N-No! Stop it!" I yelled, slapping her hand away. She stopped, put me in the crib, and left the room. I looked down and gently cried. I was still tensing my muscles, but I don't know how much longer that would work. Eventually, I was squeezing my muscles as tight as I could while tears tore down my face.

"Je-Jes-Jessica! I-I'm s-so-so s-sorry!" I begged for her back. After I few more seconds of the pain, she walked back in and picked me up. She held me gently and put me on her desk, rubbing my sides and trying to wipe the tears.

"Sweetheart, relax and let it out. I will clean you up and it will be okay." She moved my hands from clutching my stomach, and gently massaged it. I couldn't hold it any more and cried even harder, covering my face when I went.

"Good girl. Calm down. It's normal, baby." She pulled my hands down and used a tissue to wipe my tears. She kissed my cheek.

"So good, sweetheart." She took off the diaper, wiped me, and put on a new one. After wandering across the room to get a blanket, she returned and wrapped me up, holding me tightly.

"Are you okay, beautiful?" I nodded, still crying a little.

"You know it is normal, sweetheart. I will keep you clean and safe, babygirl. Just relax. It's okay." She wiped the tears, and hugged me. I liked the blankie while she held me. I felt warm and secure. She is so sweet. How could someone change an adult's diaper, and still be this affectionate? It's crazy. I pressed my forehead into the side of her boob, wanting to be closer. She bounced me, lightly and kissed my hair.

"You are such a sweet little baby, whether you admit it or not. Now, I got my baby something. Sophia, I know that we haven't known each other long, but you need a Mommy, and I want you. Will you please be my baby?" I giggled and nodded my head against her chest.

"I think Miss Grouchy Bottom wants a nap, now though. When you wake up, you can have your surprise." I nodded my head and felt her kisses in my hair before I dozed off for the third time today.

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