Chapter-9 (e)

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Chapter-9: Planning, Tonks Family and Schedule

Selene's p.o.v:

We all were waiting in the family room for Uncle Sev and Remus and Uncle Lucius and Aunt Narcissa to plan my schedule and how to make Fudge sign custody papers. Yesterday night also Papa slept with me in my room when I woke up from the nightmare. Aunt Cassie said she will take me to Grimmauld place so that I can meet Grandmother Walburga for once. I came out of my musings when floo flared to life, Uncle Lucius and Aunt Ci came followed by Uncle Moony and Sev.

"Good morning everyone." They greeted us.

"Good morning Lucius, Cissa, Sev and Remus." Papa greeted them while I gave each a hug and kiss on their cheek.

"Aunt Ci what did you tell Draco about your absence?" I asked as I asked them not to tell Draco about me being his cousin.

"Don't worry princess he is at Zabini manor along with Blaise and his mother in Italy for a vacation. He will come before one week of school." Aunt Ci replied and I nodded.

"Lucius, what do you propose about how we should approach Fudge?" Papa asked.

"Well Siri first of all Cornelius is an incompetent fool if you give him some gold he will do whatever we want but we want no loophole to leave for Albus to use that against us." Uncle Lucius said.

"Sirius why don't we use full Wizengamot session for her custody then you can claim your seats and acts as a proxy for remaining seats." Uncle Sev suggested.

"That is also a good way but what about Albus coming to know about you people regaining your memories?" Grandpa Orion asked.

"Papa, why don't we pretend about you people not remembering everything you can just say the part about you and Mama being mates and me your daughter?" I asked.

"That's very good idea pup then there is no need for blowing our covers that way slowly we can lay in roads in ministry for Tom's return as well as we can defeat Albus from inside," Papa said.

"I also have a plan I'm going to contact Albus saying that I'm still on his side and I want to keep an eye on cub so that I need defence professor position in that way along with Sev I can also keep eye on cub and Draco." Uncle Moony said.

"Perfect plan so far by executing it, we can make changes if needed remember that." Aunt Cassie suggested and everyone nodded their heads.

"Now pup coming to your schedule I have a plan," papa started but I cut him in middle.

"Papa I heard that Mrs Tonks is my aunt too. Is it true?" I asked him and he looked at grandpa Orion and Arctus.

"Yes princess she is. She is the sister of Aunt Ci but their parents removed her from family because she married a Muggle-born." Grandpa Orion replied.

"But I want everyone in my family. Will you bring her back?" I asked looking towards my grandparents.

"If that is what you want then we will do it. You can meet them now okay?" Grandpa Arctus asked and I nodded eagerly.

"Then I will go and write a letter telling her to meet us here with her family now within an hour or two," Grandpa replied and left from there.

"Shall we continue pup?" Papa asked and I nodded my head smiling sheepishly.

"Each and everyone will teach each subject to you okay?" Papa asked.

"Okay, papa but we have only one month to cover everything then how can we complete everything?" I asked him.

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