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—The long awaited—


Jungkook groaned as he was disturbed by the sounds and the heavy weight above him. He opened his eyes, only to find you humping on his left thigh. You noticed him awake, and bent down to place a kiss on his lips.

You: Kookie~ I need you now.

you wanted to stay on a cold place, because of the heat you're feeling. it's so hot, sweat covered your skin like a second layer. you felt bothered by the uncomfortable feeling on your lower part. and then you saw jungkook.

Jungkook: A-Are y—

You: fucking yes! just do it!

You grabbed both of his hand and used it to cup your breasts, you bit your lip at the feeling at how many times your clothed clit is rubbing against te fabric of your underwear.

You then were flipped, now you're under Jungkook. He quickly attached his lips with yours, moving swiftly. He swiped his tounge on your bottom lip, asking for entrance but you didn't get it. He then slipped his hand in your shorts (surprisingly, you didn't stop him) and rubbed your clothed clit twice— thrice. You can't help but release a moan, and Jungkook took advantage of this, slipping his tounge inside your mouth. you and him fought for dominance which he easily won.. You accidentaly suck on his tounge, earning a groan from him. You had an idea, and sucked on his tounge again. This time, it was intentional.

Due to lack of oxygen, the both of you needed to pull away. After some seconds of breathing heavily, Jungkook attached his lips on your jaw, sucking on it. He slowly trailed down with wet open mouth kisses. He sucked on some areas, trying to find your sweet spot. Finally, he heared you take a sharp breath followed by a moan. He continued sucking on that spot. A dark purple bruise forming on the area. Your hand went up to his head, fisting the strands, making his hair messy.

You're too focused on Jungkook to even notice your shirt being torn away by the impatient man who's pleasuring you right now. You only care less about your shirt, what you cared about right now is Jungkook and that you really need him right now.

Once your shirt is thrown to god knows where. Jungkook unclasped your bra with just one hand, you whimpered as the cool air hit your heated body, his mouth slowly trailed to one of your breasts, and sucked on the erected nub. The other one is being rubbed by Jungkook. His thumb brushing pass your other erected nub, you being sensitive now, moaned loudly.

Soon after, Jungkook slowly travelled down towards your crotch. Purplish marks were all over your torso. You felt your pants being tugged down, so you weakly lifted your hips up.

Jungkook: So wet for me.

Jungkook teasingly blowed on your womanhood, making you whimper and pull his hair. Jungkook deeply grunt at the feeling of his hair being pulled. Without wasting a second, he dived down between your thighs. His tounge coming in contact with your hole, he then swiped his tounge from your hole to your clit. At the end, he inserted his tounge inside you, making you moan.

You shakingly reached down to pull up his shirt. Jungkook unattached his lips on your wet hole, some of your jucies is spreaded on his cheeks. When the shirt is discarded, Jungkook went back to eating you out.

You: A-ah~ no more! i-i want you inside me already!

But Jungkook didn't listen, instead, he inserted a finger inside you. You moaned loudly despite the pain. "This might hurt a bit." He muttered, he then added another digit inside you. He slowly spreaded both of his finger at the same time, stretching you good.

Jungkook brushed on your g-spot, making you moan his name loudly, and arch your back. Your thighs started shaking, indicating you're near. You felt a weird sensation on your stomach.

You: I-I'm feeling w-wie- ahh- rd.

Before you knew it, your juices were released, shooting it in Jungkook's mouth. jungkook kept thrusting his fingers to drive your orgas. he pulled down his short. Then he slowly pulled his boxers down, teasing you. Finally, it was released. His member springed up, slapping on his abs.

The head of it is so red, you slowly reached for his member, then grabbed it. You moved your hand down, earning a low groan from him. You then experimentally slipped your thumb on the slit, a loud moan came from him. He removed your hand and inched closer to your mouth.

Jungkook: Suck it.

He sharply commanded, you quickly opened your mouth and took his length. The tip already hit the back of your throat, making you gag. but jungkook did the opposite, he threw his head back and moaned deeply.

Jungkook hastily rocked his hips, the tip occasionally hitting the back of your throat. You moved your head up towards his thrust, deep throating him. A loud moan came from him.

Jungkook pulled his shaft, and suddenlt thrusted in you without a warning. A loud gasp came from you, it feels so painful. Jungkook stopped for a moment, waiting for you to adjust. Then he felt a soft tap on his arm, and he then moved slowly and gently. "So tight!"

After some time, his thrusts fastened, the pain is less now. He grabbed your leg and made it hang on his shoulder, this position made it easier for him to reach your g-spot now.

Soon after, you felt the familliar sensation in your stomach. Your moans got louder each time his thrusts, he knew you were close, and so he is. So he fastened his pace.

You: I-I'm ne-!

You both released with a long and loud moan from the both of you. Panting, Jungkook crashed on the space beside you. The both of you are sweaty.

Not so long, you fell asleep. Jungkook kissed your forehead and covered the both of you with a blanket.

He pulled you closer, your face on his chest.

This is your first time, and it's so crazy.


It's so hot here, don't ya think?

Finally, after shredding blood, sweat, and tears. It's finished now.
This is the longest chapter of the book I've ever written.


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