Chapter 40

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The sound of my alarm unpleasantly startled me from my sleep. As I jumped, sitting up, I felt a pressure in my head, pulsing in my temples causing me to lay back down. I turned over to look at my clock and why did I think it was a good idea to leave for LA first thing in the morning. Seeing as it was 6am, I couldn't have gotten more than 3 hours of sleep thanks to the party.

The party, the reason for my pounding headache. Headaches are bad. Alcohol is bad. I turned to the other side to see an empty bed. I furrowed my brow, unable to remember if Niall had even gotten into bed with me the night before.

I sighed heavily and slowly sat up again, careful to not move too suddenly and cause more pain to my head. I glanced around the room, feeling sentimental.

I remembered how much time I spent in that room in the few months I had known Niall and Louis. In fact, I spent the second night I knew them in this room. I also woke up with a similar achey feeling that day.

I remembered the day I anxiously placed rose petals around the room, delicately insuring they were spread out evenly. I had high hopes for that plan to get Niall back. I looked at the black ink on my arm, reliving Niall's unpleasant scoff at my tattoo. I also relived the sting of his nails being dug into it moments later. I couldn't say I wasn't pleased with the outcome. Until the morning that is.

One fear I can't seem to get over is the thought of someone leaving me in the middle of the night. Memories of Niall coaxing me back to sleep, only to detangle his body from mine was very reminiscent of Zayn. Zayn left me with many emotional scars and I wasn't sure if they could ever heal. But being with Niall is the closest I ever felt to being okay again.

My eyes scanned over the empty room. Well, it wasn't empty. It still had all of Niall's belongings in it but it seemed strange to picture Niall without me. We somehow fit together so perfectly, like we completed each other. Upon taking a second glance, I realized it wasn't just the absence of my things making this room feel like it was missing something. There truly was objects missing. Of course, they were little things I always was amused by. No doubt Niall was planning to hand them off to me to remember him by. Which reminded me, where was he?

I swung my legs out of bed and quickly got dressed in jeans and a t-shirt which were the only articles of clothing that weren't packed and already on their way to LA. Once I reached the door, I took a final look around the room, knowing this was the last time I'd ever be in it. My heart ached for more time here. More time in this house, or in London in general. I hated the fact that I was being chased out of the continent, being forced to leave everything I loved behind.

I sighed and opened the door, pausing before walking down the long hallway. Everything about this house was making me feel sentimental. Everything I did was my last. The last time I'd walk down this unnecessarily long hallway. The last time I'd ever see Louis' bedroom. The last time I'd descend this spiral staircase.

Once I reached the bottom of the stairs I heard chatter from the kitchen which was unusual at this time. I turned the corner and glanced into the kitchen to see Niall and Louis cooking up a storm. I leaned against the wall and watched in amusement as the two tried their best to figure out a recipe for waffles.

"I'm telling you, you make the same batter as you would for pancakes and put it in the waffle iron!" Niall pressed.

"No you don't you idiot. That's just square pancakes!" Louis complained.

"They taste the same to me," Niall shrugged and of course they do.

A fond laugh escaped my lips causing both of their heads to snap in my direction.

"Here he is!" Louis cheered, "we've prepared, or should I say we're in the midst of preparing you, a very special breakfast."

"But Louis lost his recipe for waffles so it might take a while," Niall intervened.

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