25. Meeting the Enemy

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"You can kill them all and we will care less." It seemed like Mayor was not giving in to the demands of the Dormant.

Trisha, Sage, and Killian did try to run and everything went as smoothly as it could till Sage and Trisha ran into some of her old acquaintances from the school she went to. Naturally, they were reported and it was not long that they were caught too.

"We are offering you a deal here Sir. We have a common enemy at hand and we have soldiers, well trained and better technology than you do."

"That I will agree with," Trisha said in a bored tone.

Both the leaders of the divisions stared at her like she was the cause of everything happening,

"So many have died, can we stop wasting time and move forward with this," Killian said sounding frustrated as hell.

"Then ask her to give us the antidote." One of the doctor's yelled.

Trisha sighed and just looked at him with a glare that was terrifying.

"You are enjoying this aren't you? You are imperfect and are jealous that people have been perfected by us and found love." Mayor came up with the worst explanation ever.

"I will find you your cure but then what. You are not saving people, you are altering them." Trisha said trying to get out here alive.

"Rebellion is not always appreciated." Mayor glared back and threatened her.

"Really? What are you so afraid if you know what you are doing is right?" Sage said with a smirk.

That shut everyone up for a while.

"Ma'am we have obtained samples of the virus." A female doctor came to inform the team hurriedly.

"Before you can find the cure, find the moles." Trisha tried another attempt and distracting.

"What is that suppose to mean?" Dormant's leader asked.

"Are you dumb? Find the rats in your own community. People are working for rebels for a long time. You just have my face to blame now." Everyone knew she was right.

So much couldn't have happened without an inside man.

"We will find a cure, we have talented people," Mayor said.

"Till then how many are you willing to lose?" Trisha said provoking them even more.

Suddenly a group of soldiers rushed in and one of them whispered discreetly in mayor's ears and it was not a good news since his frown deepened.

"Most of the people near the sea would have been infected by now." Killian deducted and everyone looked surprised.

"Why are you doing this son?" Killian's father seemed helpless and angry at the same time.

"We have someone from the Branded to negotiate." Mayor finally shared the news he received.

"But she has conditions." Trisha very well knew what Alice was planning.

She knew that eventually, the scientist will find a cure and then she will be in trouble. She was trying to get a safety card for herself and her daughter after killing so many.

Mayor nodded.

"Bring her in."

Trisha waited filled with anger for Alice to walk in so that she could kill the woman then and there.

"Hello, my little soldiers." She addressed Sage, Trisha, and Killian first who just glared at her with hatred.

"Alice," Mayor said in a tone as if he recognized her.

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