The next morning

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Hope's POV

The next morning I woke up before anyone and realized we fell asleep on the couch with the girls. So I got up and decided to clean up a little before anyone got up. so I cleaned the kitchen. Not long after that Jason got up. He comes to the kitchen and kisses me good morning. We sat and talk for a while and then the girls woke up. "Jason!?!" I said. "What is it babe." He said. "I don't feel right, I'm light headed." I said

Jason's POV

I started to really worry when Hope said she was feeling light headed. I was just about to tell her to sit down and she fainted. Keeley ran and got a cold wash cloth and I sat down beside her. I'm trying to stay calm and not get the girls worked up but I couldn't, I started crying. "Hope, please wake up please baby." I said she started coming back to us. "Is mommy ok daddy" The girls asked. "she is ok girls." I said. "when she finally opened her eyes she said what am I doing on the floor?" "You said you were light headed and then fainted." I said. I helped set her up. "I must have over worked myself." she said. "Well if that happens again I'm taking you to the er no question about it." Jason said. "I'm sure it won't happen again but if it does then I agree." Hope said I helped her up and she held on trying to keep her balance. "Are you ok babe?" I said. "Yes just need to sit down for a couple minutes and see if it will make me feel better." she said I helped her to the living room and she set down I was afraid to leave her alone and I could tell so were the girls. She was soon fast asleep so me an the girls picked the blankets up and sat there and played a game so I could keep an eye on her. a few hours past and she was still asleep so I went over to her. I tried waking her up and nothing after trying a few more times she finally woke up. "How are you feeling babe?" I asked. "It's getting worse." she said. "Well I'm calling my mom and have her to come watch the girls and I'm taking you to the hospital." I said. "Alright babe." she said I went to the kitchen and called my mom and told her what was goin on she said she be here in a few so I went back and sat with Hope til mom got there. About 15 minutes mom comes in. I thanked her for coming at the last minute and told her we be back as soon as we could and that I'd keep them posted. I carried Hope to the truck and we left for the hospital.


Sorry for the short chapter.

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