The Fortune-teller Part 2

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We walked through the trees and over a few mountains until we stood on top of a hill looking down at a small village. "That must be it!" Katara squealed, extremely excited to meet the fortune teller. I had to admit, I was a little excited too.

As we approached the village, my head craned to take in the sights. A huge volcano towered over the village, threatening to spill lava and destroy everything in sight. I shivered in thought, but kept walking with the rest of the group. Surely the village would have evacuated if the volcano was going to erupt.

"Aunt Wu has been expecting you." A nice man bowed and directed us into a building that looked bigger than most. The door was a great wooden circle and inside was a small room with four pillows on the floor.

A girl wearing a pink dress whipped around at the sound of the door. She had big buck teeth and huge black braids in her hair. "Hello, my name is Meng and I'm aunt Wu's assistant."

We each took a seat at a pillow while
Meng slid towards Aang and looked him over, stroking her hair. "Hello, what's your name?" She giggled but Aang didn't seem to grasp what was happening. "My names Aang." He introduced with a friendly smile, though not the type Meng was looking for. "You've got big ears." She blurted and Aang looked back, confused. "Ugh.. Thanks..." He said slowly.

"Would you like anything?" She asked kindly, trying to brush past what she had said and bending down to Aang with a big toothed smile. "We have tea or aunt Wu's special hand made bean curd buns."
"I'll try a bun." Sokka said, raising his hand. "Me too." I added but Meng waved her hand at us. "In a minute." She said not taking her eyes off of Aang.

"So, Aang." She began slowly. "What do you think your fortune will be about?" She asked but before he could answer, she cried, "Maybe love!" Aang looked a little confused but grew to the idea. I saw him swipe a glance at a katara but he focused his attention back on Meng. That little devil.

I smiled to myself as Aangs feelings for katara fluttered inside of me.

"I'm hoping for love." Aang said and Meng was literally jumping for joy. "Well, I'll go get aunt Wu." She said turning around. "And my bun?" Sokka called but she didn't answer and sped off deeper into building.

"This house of nonsense is nonsense." Sokka said in huff. "Come on Sokka," Katara said, looking around. "This place is amazing. Wouldn't it be nice to have just a little insight to the future?" Sokka crossed his arms and hunched into the pillow grumpily. "It would be nice to have a bean curd bun."

"Come on Sokka, " I said, hitting his arm, "Lighten up. Don't you want to know what would happen when your older. If you have a loving family, if you'll stay at the south Pole or at a city, if you'll work at a restaurant to fill that big stomach of yours." We began laughing and Sokka deflated a little more. "No one can tell the future." He debated. "And my stomach's not that big." He prodded at it with his finger.

A few short moments later and Meng came out with with a woman wearing a green dress. "a man will give me a rare panda-lily and we'll be together forever." the woman said as she was directed out by Meng. "that sounds amazing, I wish something like that happens to me." both the woman and I noticed Meng looking at Aang. "Is that the big eared guy aunt Wu predicted-" She began, amused at the sight, but Meng was already pushing her out the door. "See you later." She called, closing the door with a sigh.

Meng quickly rushed back out of the room and reentered with a tray of bean curd buns. Sokkas eyes went wide and I had to admit that my stomach rumbled a little.

"Aunt-waaahh!" Meng cried as she tripped over the edge of Aangs pillow. I reached my hand out to try and steady her but Aang was closer and helped her first. They looked into each others eyes for a split second and I had to hold in a snicker.

"ahem." Meng coughed, standing straight and placing the tray onto the table. "Aunt Wu is ready to see one of you now." Sokka had dived into the buns and looked more interested in them than the fortunes while Aang had grown nervous and kept his eyes on the ground. Katara turned to me and I took a bun and motioned for her to go first. "I guess that's me." She shrugged, standing up and following Meng into the building. She flashed a quick thumbs up and I returned it before she left.

We didn't wait long for her to come back and in about twenty minutes, it was my turn. I followed Meng into a different room and saw an old woman with grey hair sitting on a pillow. I thanked Meng and sat opposite her.

"Hello young one." She greeted and I waved back nervously at her. "Hi." I noticed a deck of large cards next to her and also a small knife. I glared at, anxiety filling my body.

"Don't be scared, child." She said in a  calming tone. "Just tell aunt Wu what you want to know." I didn't answer straight away. "ugh..." I thought, unable to say anything. I had been thinking about what might happen when I got here, but now that the time had come I was stuck.

"I know, " She said, picking up the cards and shuffling them. They moved in and out of her hands as if they had a mind of their own. She handed me the knife, her left hand still moving the cards about. "Pick a card." She said, spreading them out in her hand. I chose a single card and she held my hand to stop it from turning. "Don't look." I nodded and kept it face down.

"Now, I will throw the cards into the air, I want you to strike at any one of them with the knife. Try to catch one." I nodded and she counted to three.

I didn't pay much attention to what was on the card and only aimed to actually hit one. Surprisingly, I managed to catch two.

"Interesting." Aunt Wu said, taking the knife out of my hand and looking at the two cards. "It seems that you have a shadow following you. Wait. You are a shadow, following someone else." I nodded. "Tied down to another by fate." She carried on. "Pitiful."

"Pitiful?" I asked but it was more like an accusation. "My life is great, I'm not pitied."
"The spirits pity you my child. You will never experience a life of your own."

I opened my mouth to defend myself but couldn't find the right words. I stuttered with a dry throat. "That's- of course I will!" I cried but the more I thought about it, the more I believed it. As an incarnation I would have to be by Aangs side forever. I would have to guide him through the spirit and physical world, and teach him right from wrong.

"Its OK, little one." she said, taking my hands. "Let us see your final card." She turned it over but dropped it almost immediately. I looked closer and saw it completely black with a red blotch in the middle. In the corner, I noticed a small white dot, almost being swallowed by the harsh colours surrounding it.

"You will be in great battle. One where it is good against evil, light verses dark."

"I know this already." I said, very willing to brush over it. "I'm going be in a war against firelord Ozai with my friends-"

"No!" She interrupted. "This is different. You will lead a second life, hidden from your friends. You will walk a path alone that will save the balance of nature itself."

I gasped and tried to stand up, but stumbled and tripped over myself. "You've got it wrong." I said waving my hands. "That's Aangs destiny, I don't have one."
"Everyone has a destiny, child." Aunt Wu said, also standing up. "Do not worry, I'm sure the fates will help."

"You said the fates pitied me!" I exclaimed, raising my voice. I took deep breaths and tried to steady myself. "Look, I'm sorry, but maybe Sokka was right. Maybe this is all just a hoax."

I rushed out of the room, eager to get some fresh air and clear my mind.

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