Chapter 39

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I walk towards the reception desk.

"Er hi" I say nervously.

"Hello dear, are you lost?" The elderly lady behind the desk says kindly.

"I'm Skylar Potter- it's my first day here"

"Oh yes!" She gets up, rushing to a filing cabinet on the other side of the room. She rummages through files until she pulls out a very thick file and drops it down on the desk. "Right, here we go" She says more to herself than to me but still I smile politely. She scans over my file and her face drops. She reaches over the desk and takes my hand. "I hope your time here is better than in your past"

"Thanks" I say awkwardly. This is the last thing I wanted here- I wanted to get away from my past, start afresh but no, I've been here what, 5 minutes? And I've already been mobbed but fans of the boys and reminded of everything I've tried to escape.

"Here's your timetime and list of teachers" She says handing me two peices of paper.

"Thanks" I say reading the timetabl. "Do you have a map?"

"Sure!" She beams handing me a piece of paper. I thanks her and try to make my way to my homeroom. I seem to walk around the school 3 times without finding the right room. I manage to find a toilet and i go in there, pulling out my phone. I call Taylor- no answer. I call Jack J- no answer. I try Nash, even though I'm mad at him right now.

He picks up straight away.


"Nash, I'm so lost." I say my voice cracking.

"What else? You would not cry just because you're lost" He says as-a-matter-of-factly.

"As soon as I got here everyone surrounded me"


"They asked me stuff like am I dating Taylor? Or Matt? Or Hayes? And if you guys would follow them on twitter. I said no and I bet they hate me now"

"I'll do anything to make sure they don't hate you! I'll follow or tweet as many people as it takes for you to finally have a good school experience Sky"

"I've only got 3 years here"

"Exactly, these should be the best 3 years"

"I just can't stop thinking about England"

"I thought you'd forgotten about that?" He asks confused

"I did! The woman behind the desk tried to console me about it. Stupid old woman" I laugh

"Look, just go to the nearest classroom and ask for directions. 6 hours and you'll get to see me again" He advises

"Thanks Nash"

"I'm really sorry about Amy"

"I know you are"

"I love you little sis"

"Love you too Nash" I say and hand up just as I hear a door slam. I walk out of the cubicle and look around- there's no one in here. I shrug it off and walk out.

The corridors are deserted. I look through the window of a nearby room- empty. I speed walk to the next one- there's a couple making out. Gross. I try the next class, I knock and a middle aged man comes to the door.

"May I help you?" He asks, slightly annoyed.

"Hi, I'm new here, it's my first day and I'm really lost"

"Ah I see" He says lightening up "Where do you need to go?"

"Er" I say, fumbling around trying to read my timetable. "Room 201"

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