Get The Party Started

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"I can't believe that you never told us you had the hookup, T," Joni shouted, pulling on the side of her black satin dress that stopped at the top of her thigh and had a little slit the sides were open showing a little side boob. Isaac told her he loved it so she wore it, but wasn't totally comfortable in it. One of the things she loved about him most is that he worked hard to push her out of her comfort zone. She would willingly admit that she was a spoiled rich girl when they met. She projected all the confidence in the world, but deep down didn't really have any. Isaac had changed that. The look in his eye when she had shown him the dress on her, had given her the boost of confidence to leave the house in it. But now she thought about how others may be looking at her the same way.

"You look amazing and you are safe with me," Isaac whispered as if he had read her mind. She stopped fidgeting and smiled at him.

Rebecca watched their interaction and sent her a wink when she looked at her. She loved their relationship, it gave her goals. "Yeah, T," she swung her eyes to their friend, trying to look mad. "What the hell?"

Tobin had gotten them all past the line and said he even could get them into the VIP area. "What can I say, everyone loves me," T said as he popped his collar. The rest of the group rolled their eyes at the same time. "But seriously, my dad knows the owner's dad. They went to school together or something. So, dad hooked it up for graduation," he said before turning around and waving down the bartender.

Tobin looked at the group, "what are we drinking tonight?" He asked them.

"Tequila, obviously," Rosalina shouted, causing everyone to groan. "What?" she asked. Rosalina loved tequila, but everyone didn't exactly love her after a couple of shots. She was loud and crazy sober. Give her some tequila and no one was safe.

"Can we do vodka or something else tonight. Please," Isaac, Joni's fiancé begged. He just graduated law school and was staring at his father's law firm on Monday, a hangover all weekend was not the way he planned on preparing.

Rosalina sighed, "fine, vodka's all around," she shouted and waved her hand in a circular motion at the bartender who nodded his head and started setting shot glasses on the bar.

The group all took their shots before the girls decided it was time to go dance a little. Joni held on to Rosalina and Rebecca's hands dragging them towards the dance floor as she shouted, "let's get this party started," causing the whole group to laugh. They danced with each other while the two guys watched to make sure that no one bothered them. They took pride in always making sure the girls were safe when they went out.

"Thanks for getting us in here tonight, T," Isaac said while watching his future wife grind on her best friends.

"Not even a thing," Tobin said back laughing as he watched Rosalina nearly fall over from Joni grinding too roughly against her. "Maybe we should take the girls to VIP. It might be safer," he laughed. Isaac nodded in agreement.

The guys walked to where the girls we are dancing. Isaac wrapped his arm around Joni's waist and leaned into her ear. "Let's go check out VIP," he said and she nodded happily.

Tobin led the way and gave his name to the bouncer that was guarding the area. After checking his list, he turned and opened the door, revealing a set of stairs. The group climbed them to the top where they were met with another bouncer that stood with a door on either side of him. "Name?"

"Tobin D'angelo," he said his full name proudly.

"Oh, are you Salvo's son?" The guard asked him. Tobin nodded his head as the others looked at each other wondering what was going on. The guard turned and opened the door to the left of him before stepping to the side for them all to enter. "Enjoy, Sir," he said before shutting the door.

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