I Am Nameless by ShadowHorse

I THINK YOU WOULD LOOK GREAT IN THIS HOPEFULLY YOU COULD WEAR IT JUST FOR ME TO TAKE IT OFF... ONE DAY YOU WILL BE MINE... ONE DAY I WILL SHOW YOU MY LOVE <3 I frowned, slightly freaked out. "Cora! Was there someone in my room?" Cora walked, she had a few spots of flour on her face. "No, Miss no one, not after you left." "Thanks, Cor. That's all." Miriska Valentine, the 'normal' girl, with abnormal eyes finds that 'not becoming crazy' doesn't seem to be in her life dictionary, when messages and little notes start appearing in places close to her heart she starts freaking out. Two years ago the same thing happened, but this time things are getting more bold and more dangerous. Disappearances begin and Miriska can't help but wonder who is behind this all. Is there a stalker behind her or just someone playing a sick joke? Read to find out!


EEEEEP! This book is one of my all time favourites!!! Haven't read it? GET OUT! OMG. One of the best reads everrrrr. (Huge fan heree! x) Every upload is like WOOSH heaven on a computer.

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